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Back from tour and headlining Capitol Hill Block Party

Jul 22, 2016

Capitol Hill Block Party is happening this weekend and Seattle-based electronic duo, ODESZA will be headlining.

The duo is made up of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. They met at Western Washington University in 2012 and Knight says they’ve been collaborating ever since.

“You know swapping tracks and then one thing lead to the next,” Knight said.

Harrison says Saturday’s performance will include music fired and mixed live on stage combined with a live orchestra and drum line.

“We try to take organic elements of live music and blend it with a lot of different styles and sounds using electronic music so it’s this blend and union of all these different kinds of things to create this unique sound,” Harrison said.

The duo just got back from a European tour. Harrison says this will be their third time playing Capitol Hill Block Party.

“We have so much love for our hometown and we miss it like crazy, so we are finally back home after touring and I think that’s really going to hit us when we walk on that stage,” Harrison said.

ODESZA plays Saturday night from 10:30 p.m. to midnight.