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50 years on, what can we learn from Star Trek?

May 31, 2016

Fifty years ago, a new television series took us to space to touch on topics that were perhaps too challenging to discuss frankly back on Earth. 

Star Trek: The Original Series premiered in 1966, and since then it's spun off into countless other television series, movies and more. 

The show was famous for its multiracial cast, airing one of the first televised interracial kisses and applying metaphors to complex social phenomena.

To celebrate its history and legacy the EMP museum in Seattle is hosting an exhibition that includes original costumes, set pieces, interactive features and more.

Brooks Peck curated Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds, and he told KUOW's Bill Radke about some of his favorite Star Trek artifacts on view at the EMP and what we can still learn from the show today.