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Evergreen Membership

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Phone: 206.221.2501
Email: evergreen@kuow.org

KUOW's monthly membership program.

Becoming an Evergreen Member is easy, convenient and spreads your support over the year, making it easier on your budget — and KUOW's.

An Evergreen Membership is an ongoing monthly contribution to KUOW that is billed or paid in the first week of each month. The minimum monthly installment amount is $5 per month. Evergreen Memberships remain current from year to year, automatically renewing on the anniversary of your pledge. That means no membership renewal notices in your mailbox! Less mail keeps us green and saves time and resources so that we can put more of your dollars into the news and information you count on every day. Evergreen members are also eligible to receive one premium each year, based on your annual giving level. Contact us for more information.

You can increase, decrease or suspend your Evergreen Membership at any time by contacting the membership line at 206.221.2501 or by emailing evergreen@kuow.org.

Become an Evergreen Member now! Pledge online or call 206.221.2501.