Chris DeVore, general partner of Founder's Co-op.
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Chris DeVore, general partner of Founder's Co-op.
Credit: Flickr Photo/Renny Gleeson

What's The State Of Seattle's Startup Scene?

It’s Startup Week in Seattle: seven days of events, meet-ups, seminars, and good-old-fashioned networking for those who work in Seattle’s start-up community.

Last year, a global survey ranked Seattle as the 4th best city in the world for tech startups, behind Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. And while that may seem like a very good spot in the rankings, some people involved in Seattle’s startup scene think we can do better.

Chris DeVore is one of them. Devore is a general partner at Founder’s Co-op, a company that provides start-ups with seed money. He says Seattle has a very deep talent pool, but isn’t very productive when it comes to creating new tech startups. Why is that? And what role are Microsoft and Amazon playing?

DeVore talks with Steve Scher about Seattle’s place in the startup world.Produced by Andy Hurst.

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