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caption: File photo of kids playing tag. 
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File photo of kids playing tag.
Credit: Flickr Photo/Felipe Vidal (CC BY SA 2.0)/

Traditional Tag Is Back: Mercer Island Schools Drop Ban

Traditional tag is back in the Mercer Island School District.

The district had decided to ban the perennial favorite game from its playgrounds as part of a "hands-off" policy among children meant to reduce injuries and bullying.

But that announcement brought a deluge of parent complaints and media coverage.

On Friday morning, Superintendent Gary Plano sent out a memo rescinding the policy.

“Tag as we know it and have known it is reinstated,” Plano wrote to parents and staff at Mercer Island Elementary School.

“The 'hands-off' policy intended for unstructured play and recess however well intended, has led to confusion, false reporting and clearly not supported by many staff and many parents,” he said. “Although the plan was focused on keeping students safe, it lacked stakeholder participation and support.”

Plano left open the possibility of such a policy, saying any changes would be the result of a conversation among school administrators, parents and staff.

Read the full letter below: