Joni Balter, Rachel Lerman, Mike McGinn and Bill Radke at KUOW.
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Joni Balter, Rachel Lerman, Mike McGinn and Bill Radke at KUOW.
Credit: KUOW/Brie Ripley

This week we ask: Are you upset about Amazon?

Bill Radke discusses the week's news with the Seattle Channel Civic Cocktail's Joni Balter, Seattle Times technology reporter Rachel Lerman and former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

This week, Amazon announced it was picking two winners in its contest for the next headquarters: Northern Virginia and New York City. We ask about who's more upset about the decision: the cities that feel cheated, or the cities that actually won?

We also discuss the Seattle police union's new contract and why the Community Police Commission and the NAACP both opposed its passage.

And we look at the Major League Baseball's investigation into the Seattle Mariners and alleged workplace discrimination. The former director of high performance in the baseball operations department, Lorena Martin, was hired just over a year ago. She says the team's front office leaders made multiple discriminatory remarks about her and players.

Plus: Would you ride in a LimePod? Will you fly in a 737 Max? And are you ready to call it "T-Mobile Field?"


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