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caption: Could this creature have taken off? Questions that need answers.
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Could this creature have taken off? Questions that need answers.

The most important Game of Thrones question: could dragons even fly?

GoT: it was all a lie. Isabel Allende’s most recent novel asks – what does it mean to start again? And the artist behind Seattle Walk Report dishes on the city. A look at books that captivated us this year.

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Dragons in flight: a lie?

Cast your mind back, if you will, to a time when the greatest challenge America faced was how to feel about the terrible Game of Thrones finale. Physicist Becky Thompson also had beef with the show, but hers were rooted in science. Like: would the laws of physics even allow dragons to fly? She asks the real questions in her book Fire, Ice, and Physics.

Starting again, with Isabel Allende

Imagine being a refugee, forced to flee a life that’s all you’ve ever known. Prolific novelist Isabel Allende has lived that story, and returns to it now with her book A Long Petal of the Sea. She spoke with Bill Radke about the book in late January.

Susanna Ryan walks Seattle

A few years ago, a mysterious Instagram account emerged. It was all pen and ink drawings of Seattle: catalogues of numbers of bubble gum spots on the sidewalk, or the number and type of dogs seen on a walk in Capitol Hill. Like Nino in Amelie, this mysterious cataloguer of urban life was anonymous. Then a book was published, called Seattle Walk Report: An Illustrated Walking Tour through 23 Seattle Neighborhoods. The author was a librarian named Susanna Ryan.