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caption: Lincoln High School teacher Nathan Bowling
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Lincoln High School teacher Nathan Bowling

Tacoma teacher explains how he's teaching this new era in American government

Bill Radke talks to Lincoln High School teacher Nathan Bowling about the outcome of the presidential election and how his students are reacting. Chief among Bowling's challenges is maintaining civility in the classroom. "I demand it," he said.

Bowling teaches AP Government and Politics, and he told Radke that he's been tasked with explaining to his students the ramifications of this new era in American politics. "When Donald Trump takes over the White House in January, he's going to have a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate, the opportunity to appoint a fifth justice to the Supreme Court and Republicans are going to control a majority of the governors' mansions and state legislatures. And so, that's the conversation we've had in class. That no president has had that much control since Johnson or maybe FDR," Bowling said.

"We're on the precipice of a Republican 'New Deal.'" He added. "What are the issues they're going to push for?"

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