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caption: The Citizen University team at Civic Saturday
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The Citizen University team at Civic Saturday
Credit: Courtesy of Dave Hardwick

In search of powerful citizenship? Try Civic Saturday

Civic Saturday is the brainchild of Eric Liu and Jená Cane, co-founders of the Seattle-based non-profit Citizen University. They call it the civic analog to church.

Like church, it brings people together but to ponder our civic lives. And like church, the gathering includes songs, readings of “scripture” taken from great American texts, silent reflection and a “sermon” given by Liu.

Eric Liu is an author and educator. His latest book is "You're More Powerful Than You Think: A Citizen's Guide to Making Change Happen." He and the Citizen University team took to the stage at Town Hall Seattle on Saturday, April 8.

Listen to a session from this year’s Citizen University below: