Cast Members of Sandbox Radio
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Cast Members of Sandbox Radio
Credit: Courtesy of Sandbox Radio/Truman Buffett and Joe Iano

'Sandbox Radio' Presents Things That Go Bump 'In Nighttown'

This week on Speakers Forum we’re presenting a chill-worthy (and very funny) episode fromSandbox Radio. It’s a first for us, and just in time for Halloween.

The Stranger calls their work “fresh, joyful and awesome.” But given the season, they’ve added a touch of “creepy” to the mix.

Look forward to radio theatre at its best: with original plays, music, sound effects and guest appearances by writer and bicycle adventurer Willie Weir and the Seattle Women’s Chorus group Sensible Shoes doing tunes by Tom Lehrer and Ben Gibbard.

This “In Nighttown” episode of Sandbox Radio was recorded in a one-night-only event on Oct. 5 at Town Hall Seattle.

The program includes:

  • Public service announcements by Peggy Platt
  • "Not the End of the World," a play by Wayne Rawley
  • "Gashlycrumb Tinies," by Edward Gorey, arranged by Richard Ziman
  • "The Field," written and performed by Willie Weir
  • "Beyond the Box: Midnight Medea," by Elizabeth Heffron, the latest installment of Sandbox Radio's science fiction serial
  • "Cousin Katie: The Pilot Episode" and "Unscheduled Landing," by Scot Augustson

The Sandbox Radio Players in this episode include Eric Ray Anderson, Nik Doner, Gin Hammond, Heather Hawkins, Laura Kenny, Amy Love, Jason Marr, Dawson Nichols, Peter Dylan O’Connor, Peggy Platt, Daniel Tierney, Annette Toutonghi, Seanjohn Walsh and Richard Ziman.

Sandbox Radio is locally-grown and produced by Leslie Law and Richard Ziman. The Sandbox Radio Orchestra features composer and music director Jose “Juicy” Gonzales on piano, Dave Pascal on bass, Daniel Tierney on drums and Rob Witmer on accordion and clarinet.

Sandbox Radio has a show coming up on Dec. 28 at ACT Theatre.

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