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The Record: Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When a magnitude 7.9 earthquake hit Alaska earlier this week, it triggered a tsunami alert for the Washington coast. People got advisories on their phone, but a) it was the middle of the night, who's on their phone? and b) what are you supposed do in a tsunami watch? Evacuate, or wait? Seattle Times reporter Sandi Doughton helps answer questions about how ready we are for big waves.

Also, the Vancouver Aquarium has just done what the Seattle Aquarium already did: no more whales, dolphins or porpoises on display. We'll find out why from Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer, and a man who helped end orca displays in Washington state will tell you what turned him into an activist. It involves a peaceful sailing trip, explosions and whale screams he can still hear more than forty years later.

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