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Credit: Amy Carlson

Poet Kelly Davio And The Body As Canvas

What can you tell about people based on what they've chosen to have inked on their body? Poet Kelly Davio takes that question in a provocative direction in "One in Four of Us Is Marked" from her new poetry collection "Burn This House" (Red Hen Press, 2013).

Read more of her poems online at Vinyl Poetry and Verse Daily.

Davio teaches English as a second language in Seattle, and earned her MFA in poetry from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, Whidbey Writers Workshop. She is the managing editor of The Los Angeles Review, an associate editor at Fifth Wednesday Journal and a reviewer for the Women's Review of Books.

But imagine body as canvas, ideal for a list

of critical information. Diabetic,Paranoid,

Serial Monogamist...

— from "One In Four Of Us Is Marked"