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One of the best new songs from Portland you haven’t heard yet

The complex and ever-changing time signatures of Sama Dams' new song “Pockets” almost feels more appropriate for a jazz trio.

“But it’s still pop [music] and they never forget that,” says Jerad Walker, music director of OPB Music.

Walker says Sama Dams is the brainchild of Sam Adams. In the same way the band plays with shifting time signatures, just change spacing and capitalization in the name Sam Adams and you get Sama Dams.

But it's his wife Lisa Adams that really gets the spotlight in this song.

“Lisa Adams has taken on a much bigger role as the band has progressed and matured and her direction is a welcome addition,” Walker says. “They are just starting to hit their stride and she’s a big part of that.”

Sama Dams will perform at The Vera Project in Seattle on Thursday, June 28.