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Credit: KUOW Illustration/Kara McDermott

North Seattle Candidates: ‘The North End Isn’t A Sleepy Little Suburb’

For the first time in a century, Seattle voters will choose their City Council members by district.

District 5, which extends north beyond 85th Street, includes Bitter Lake and Northgate. There, eight candidates are vying to represent the area.

We asked the candidates to meet us somewhere in their district that signified why they’re running.

David Toledo met us at Green Lake. Kris Lethin invited us to join him with his dog at Northacres Park, which he says turns to prostitution and drug dealing during the winter months.

At Urban Rest Stop, Mercedes Elizalde told us that when it comes to homelessness in Seattle, “There’s just not enough units.” Sandy Brown said Lake City’s North Helpline food bank is seeing more seniors as Seattle becomes more expensive.

We also met with Debadutta Dash, Debora Juarez, Halei Watkins and Hugh Russell.

Primary ballots drop on Friday, July 10, and are due by Tuesday, Aug. 4. Two candidates from each district will go on to the general election in November.

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