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caption: Evan Flory-Barnes and Watermark at Ampersand Live 2016 
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Evan Flory-Barnes and Watermark at Ampersand Live 2016
Credit: Photo of Melissa Ponder

Listening for the natural soul of the Pacific Northwest

Ampersand Magazine is a production of Forterra, a Seattle-based conservation and community-building organization. Ampersand Live is a gathering of poets, artists and storytellers keen on preserving and celebrating the fragile bond between society and nature in the Pacific Northwest.

They met on November 10 at Town Hall Seattle. Jennie Cecil Moore recorded the event.

Contributors in order of appearance: Gene Duvernoy, David Schmader, John Grade, Amy Gulick, Thor Hanson, Evan Flory-Barnes, Jill Freidberg, Gabriel Campanario, Emrys Foster, Jourdan Imani Keith, Brandee Laird, Kevin Horan, Rick Mohler, Tracey Conway (reading an essay by Brenda Peterson), and Tomo Nakayama.

The intro music, "Liberation," was composed by D'Vonne Lewis and performed by Industrial Revelation featuring Lewis, Ahamefule J. Oluo, Josh Rawlings and Evan Flory-Barnes.