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How far can kindness go? Pretty far, it turns out

Nathan Vass is an 11-year veteran of King County Metro Transit - no small feat at 32. Even more impressive is his ability to stay engaged and delighted by his job over all those years. He's been called 'the only happy bus driver in Seattle', which he's quick to dispute on behalf of other equally cheerful colleagues. But he's pretty stoked to be here.

Nathan is also a filmmaker, photographer, and artist; you can learn more about his experiences on his blog, The View From Nathan's Bus. He stopped by the studio to speak with guest host Ross Reynolds about what he's learned in his time behind the wheel, and why it's so fulfilling.

Vass says that it's a reminder that you get back what you put out, and that kindness and respect will come back to you ten-fold even with the most difficult of passengers.

He also cleared up some enduring bus mysteries: what's the deal with stop and start driving? Why do some drivers seem hell-bent on blocking the intersection? And, when you're engaged in a sprint for the bus straight out of "Chariots of Fire" - here's what to take into account.

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