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Bolt creek fire evacuation map 2022 
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Hikers escape Bolt Creek wildfire

Two hikers are sharing a very dangerous lesson they learned after facing the Bolt Creek wildfire — don't take any risks when wildfires are burning in the area.

The two hikers — Steve and Matt — chronicled their experience on video. The hike up Baring Mountain started uneventful on Sept. 10, but as they got higher and higher, they noticed the smoke in the air. Eventually, they saw massive flames in the distance, quickly advancing on their position. They called 911 for rescue services, but their position was too dangerous. That led them to risking the journey off the mountain, avoiding the flames at every turn.

"I debated about posting this video online; I was afraid about all the criticism that I would get," Steve said on the video. "I'm posting this video as an educational tool to try and point out all the mistakes that we made that ended up putting our lives in danger. Hopefully, this video can bring some awareness... so everyone doesn't make the same mistakes we made."

The Bolt Creek Fire is burning in the Cascade Mountains on the border of Snohomish and King counties. It has prompted the Red Cross to set up a shelter at the fairgrounds in Monroe, Wash., for residents displaced by evacuation orders.

“We are prepared to host, easily, up to 100 or more should more people come and seek us out, and we really hope they do," said Red Cross spokesperson Betsy Robertson, noting there is plenty of room.

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Mandatory evacuation orders were issued for the town of Index. As of Sunday, only about 50% of people abided by those orders. The Bolt fire has burned about 7,600 acres since Saturday.