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caption: Joni Balter and Governor Jay Inslee at Seattle University 
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Joni Balter and Governor Jay Inslee at Seattle University
Credit: Courtesy of Matthew Lipsen/Seattle University

Governor Jay Inslee: 'This is not the era of Trump'

In the newly-minted era of President Donald Trump, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee seems to be raring for a fight. He took a barrage of questions on a recent visit to Seattle University and seemed to relish the moment.

In the face of the Trump Administration's actual and potential assaults on immigration policy, “sanctuary city” status, marijuana legalization, climate policy, basic agreement as to facts and more, Inslee is not backing down. Held to account on issues facing Washingtonians more directly, he also stands his ground.

Inslee spoke at Seattle University’s Pigott Auditorium on April 12, at an event titled “Public Service and Ethical Leadership in the Era of Trump.” He was interviewed by journalist Joni Balter and Seattle University Institute of Public Service director Larry Hubbell. Sonya Harris recorded the discussion.

Listen to the full version below: