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caption: Senator Patty Murray in the KUOW offices, Jan. 2016.
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Senator Patty Murray in the KUOW offices, Jan. 2016.
Credit: KUOW Photo/Gil Aegerter

Fertility treatment for veterans championed by Sen. Patty Murray

The U.S. Senate passed a bill which included a provision to help injured veterans conceive children. It would cover the cost of fertility treatment under their VA benefits.

US. Senator Patty Murray’s amendment would allow veterans with service-connected injuries that prevent them from conceiving naturally to pursue procedures like in vitro fertilization. The procedure combines harvested eggs and sperm outside the body.

The costs can top $12,000 for each IVF attempt. Couples who try to conceive through IVF often have to make several attempts.

In a floor speech, Murray talked about the financial struggle of veterans who’ve paid out of pocket to have a family. “We’re talking about a man who sacrificed his body for our country. I believe this is wrong,” she said.

Murray has been fighting for this amendment since 2012. The provision was included in a larger spending bill and now moves on to the House.

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