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caption: Hillary Clinton makes her case at the Boeing Machinists union hall in Everett on Tuesday afternoon.
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Hillary Clinton makes her case at the Boeing Machinists union hall in Everett on Tuesday afternoon.

Clinton Calls On Seattle Supporters To Caucus On Saturday

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigned across the Seattle area on Tuesday, saying she’d work to restore U.S. manufacturing jobs and making a pitch for support in Washington’s Democratic caucuses.

At Boeing Machinists union hall in Everett on Tuesday afternoon, Clinton got big applause for her jobs lines.

“Some people say, well, we can’t make things in America anymore,” Clinton told the crowd of union workers. “I just reject that out of hand.”

Clinton said she would be the biggest champion of the Export-Import Bank – a credit agency that has helped Boeing sell its jetliners abroad. She said its role in lining up overseas buyers for American goods isn’t fully appreciated in every state.

“Here in Washington, it’s the lifeblood that makes it possible to export from Washington around the world,” she said. “And it’s not only aerospace projects, although it helps enormously – but it’s apple growers … it’s Hilliard beer, for goodness sakes, right?”

Clinton appealed for support in this Saturday in the state’s Democratic caucuses. Clinton made a special pitch to voters who might be reluctant to attend.

"It's not like showing up and voting and going about your day. You show up, and you're not quite sure what else is going to happen,” she said. “But it's important to show up at this caucus on Saturday."

The caucuses will apportion 101 delegates between Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders.

Also on Clinton’s schedule Tuesday was a fundraiser in Medina at the home of Costco co-founder Jeff Brotman. Tickets to the sold-out event started at $2,700.

She also was speaking with tribal leaders in Puyallup and holding a public rally Tuesday night at Seattle's Rainier Beach High School.

Daughter Chelsea Clinton and husband Bill Clinton are also campaigning for Hillary in Washington this week.

Hillary Clinton's visit comes on the heels of Sanders' packed event at Key Arena on Sunday.

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