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caption: Ampersand Live contributors at Town Hall Seattle.
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Ampersand Live contributors at Town Hall Seattle.
Courtesy of Forterra/Photo by Robert Wade

Chocolatiers, Dog Trainers And Poets Talk About Life In The Pacific Northwest

Ampersand magazine recently hosted an evening of storytelling, poetry and entertainment inspired by our sense of place here in the Northwest. The magazine is an offshoot of Forterra, an organization dedicated to creating sustainable connections between human society and nature. This event took place at Town Hall Seattle on Nov. 12, 2015. Thanks to Florangela Davila for our recording.

Contributors in order of appearance: Luke Burbank, John Richards, Sampson the Dog & Julianne Ubigau, Janie Miller, Colin Fogarty, Johnpaul Jones, Autumn Martin, Nikki McClure, Katrina Spade, Gino Lucchetti, Claudia Castro Luna, David Moskowitz, Langdon Cook, Glenn Nelson and Gene Duvernoy.

Web Exclusive: We couldn't include all the speakers on our broadcast version, but you can hear the full version below.

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