Darrington Mayor Dan Rankin's desk.
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Darrington Mayor Dan Rankin's desk.
Credit: KCTS Photo/Aileen Imperial

After Oso, Being Mayor Is Now A Full-Time Job

Darrington Mayor Dan Rankin grew up in this small town, like his father and his father before him. Though he moved away when he was younger, Rankin felt he had to move back. The town, he says, is something you can't get out of your soul.

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From KCTS: Rankin talks about his experience.

KUOW 94.9 and KCTS 9 collaborated to produce this series of profiles of people most affected by the landslidea woman rescued from the mud, a couple who lost their home, a first responder struggling with post-traumatic stress, and leaders, municipal and spiritual, still working tirelessly for their community.