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  • Universities Scour Yearbooks After Northam

    After the controversy over a blackface photo in Ralph Northam's medical school yearbook, universities are reviewing their yearbooks for material that could be considered racist or offensive.

  • Pitchaya Sudbanthad On 'Bangkok Wakes To Rain'

    NPR's Scott Simon speaks with author Pitchaya Sudbanthad about his novel Bangkok Wakes to Rain. The book threads the history of Thailand with the modern world.

  • Making Money As A Rent-A-Goalie

    Keith Hamilton of Toronto talks about what it's like to be a rent-a-goalie for amateur ice hockey teams.

  • Paradise, Calif., Holds Memorial For 85 Killed In Fire

    A community-wide memorial service was held on Friday for the 85 people who died in November's Camp Fire. One man whose father died in the fire is trying to figure out where his family goes from here.

  • Rethinking Traffic Stops

    Scott Simon talks with Frank Baumgartner of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about how police are rethinking traffic stops, which often disproportionately target African-Americans.

  • Former 'Enquirer' Spokesman On Bezos Allegations

    NPR's Scott Simon talks to Stu Zakim, former spokesman for the National Enquirer, about allegations that American Media Inc. tried to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.