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Host Bill Radke and his guests try to make sense of the week's news. New episode every Friday.



  • Bill Bryant, Gyasi Ross, Bill Radke, Monica Nickelsbury [L-R]

    What's in a poll?

    Bill Radke reviews the week’s news with former Port of Seattle commissioner Bill Bryant, Gyasi Ross is a Seattle attorney and host of the podcast, Breakdances with Wolves and Monica Nickelsburg is the Civic Innovation Editor for Geekwire.

  • Marilyn Strickland, Monica Guzman, Jessyn Farrell and Bill Radke [L-R]

    A week of hearings, arenas and 'dairy, sugar-flavored somethings'

    Bill Radke reviews the week’s news with former Mayor of Tacoma of Marilyn Strickland, the President and CEO of The Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Monica Guzman, the co-founder of the Seattle newsletter The Evergrey and Jessyn Farrell, former Washington State representative and senior vice president at Civic Ventures.

  • Week In Review recorded at Seattle's Neptune Theatre

    Week In Review live from the Neptune Theatre!

    Bill Radke was joined on stage by New York Times bestselling author Ijeoma Oluo, C.R. Douglas, political analyst for Q13 and Geekwire's Civic Innovation Editor Monica Nickelsburg.

  • This Week in Review came to you anonymously

    Bill Bryant, the former Republican candidate for governor and former Port of Seattle commissioner, Joni Balter, the host of Civic Cocktail on the Seattle Channel, and Hanna Brooks Olsen, a writer and political strategist who's taking a break from campaigns to edit Real Change.

  • [L-R] Bill Radke, Charles Mudede, Rachel Lerman and Monica Guzman

    Week In Review: Live from Renton!

    After Richard Russell stole, flew and crashed a Horizon Air Q400 turboprop, an odd thing started popping up online: YouTube tribute videos. What drives...

  • [L-R] Hanna Brooks Olsen, Joni Balter, Bill Radke, Bill Bryant

    This week we ask, what can we save?

    Primary colors. This week's primary was blue but will that come out in the wash by November? Pearl jam plays again tonight. They're raising money to...

  • Reviewing our love/hate relationship with Seattle

    Is it fair to shoot sea lions for eating fish that we want orcas to eat? If we’re going to shoot the sea lions, are we ourselves willing to also stop eating Chinook salmon?