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Week In Review

Host Bill Radke and his guests make sense of the week's news. New episode every Friday.


  • Bill Radke, Brandi Kruse, Joni Balter and Brian Baird

    Trees, bills and Bernies this week

    Bill Radke reviews the week's news with former US representative Brian Baird, Q13 correspondent Brandi Kruse, and host of Civic Cocktail, Joni Balter.

  • Kevin Schofield, Paige Cornwell, Bill Radke and C.R. Douglas

    Taxes, fines and lawsuits this week

    Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Q13 political analyst C.R. Douglas, Seattle Times reporter Paige Cornwell, and Seattle City Council Insight editor Kevin Schofield.

  • Bill Radke (left), Mohammed Kloub, Erica C Barnett, and David Kroman

    Quarantines and phoning in votes this week

    Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Erica C Barnett of The C is for Crank, Crosscut reporter David Kroman, and Crosscut audience engagement manager Mohammed Kloub.

  • Eli Sanders, Bill Radke, Ashley Archibald, and Karen Weise

    City growth and city snow this week

    Bill Radke review the week's news with Eli Sanders, associate editor at The Stanger, Ashley Archibald, reporter for Real Change News, and Karen Weise, tech correspondent for the New York Times.

  • Marcie Sillman, Knute Berger, Joni Balter and David Kroman

    Boeing's turmoil and Beast mode returns this week

    Marcie Sillman reviews the week's headlines with Joni Balter, host of the Seattle Channel's Civic Cocktail, Knute Berger, editor-at-large at Crosscut, and David Kroman, city reporter at Crosscut.

  • KUOW's host of The Record and Week in Review, Bill Radke, on stage at a live event.

    Looking back on the year in review

    Bill Radke reviews some of our favorite stories of the year with Seattle writer and author of Like a Mother, Angela Garbes, host of Too Beautiful to Live and Live Wire, Luke Burbank, and senior editor at APM Podcasts, Phyllis Fletcher.