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    Trans identity in the Old West

    Our popular image of the American West is that the cowboys were the heroes, Native Americans were the villains, women were frail and treated like property and trans people didn't even exist. Except, of course they did.

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    'We have to stop celebrating these frickin' chefs'

    One of the city's biggest big-deal chefs is taking a step back after a Seattle Times investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment against him. We talk with Melissa Miranda, chef and owner of Beacon Hill's Musang about how the industry needs to change.

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    When is the pandemic over?

    Seattle is 70% vaccinated, the state is fully reopening in just a few weeks and Covid cases and deaths are at their lowest point locally in almost a year. Things are looking up. But when can we say the pandemic is finally over?

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    Casual Friday: 'Alexa, rescue me from outer space'

    One Washingtonian wins a quarter-million dollars in the state's first vaccine lottery, assuming they pick up the phone. Jeff Bezos surprises his brother with the gift of suborbital flight. And it's baby crow flight school season in Seattle again.

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    A worker shortage could put the city's restaurants in the weeds

    Seattle restaurants are weeks away from a green light to fully reopen for business... if they can find enough cooks, waitstaff and bartenders. We talk about the labor shortage that's hitting the city’s food scene with Seattle Times business writer Paul Roberts.

  • caption: A crow flying near Seward park in Seattle.

    Why crows are dive bombing unsuspecting Seattleites

    Seattle tends to have more crows than the average U.S. city. Mostly we get along fine, but it's the time of year when crows will dive bomb unsuspecting passers by. We head to Seward Park with a crow expert to find out why.

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    12th & Pine

    A year after CHOP, the barricades are gone but Seattle's fight for equal justice is still around. We talk with Marshall Hugh, frontman of the Marshall Law Band, about their album chronicling last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests.

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    Seattle Now: Why vaccine incentives work

    Starting tomorrow, you could win a cool $250,000 from the state... assuming you're vaccinated, of course. Today we ask: Why do these vaccine lottery programs work?

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    Casual Friday: Vaccinated Washingtonian, come on down!

    Governor Inslee turns to giveaways to get reluctant people to a vaccination appointment. Venerable fruit candy Aplets and Cotlets may not be going out of business after all. And for three glorious days, Seattleites get to complain about how hot it was.

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    The dry spring could mean a fiery summer

    It's all sun and fun in Seattle now, but look across the state and there are warning signs heading into summer. We just had our driest March and April in almost 100 years, Denver had more rain than we did last month and fire season is not far off. Guest: Anna King, Richland-based reporter for the Northwest News Network

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    How kids are sizing up this summer

    We’ve been talking a lot about how adults have managed over the past year. Today, we’re hearing what kids are hoping to do now that a slightly less pandemic-y summer is around the corner.