Latino USA

NPR’s only national Latino news and cultural weekly radio program, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary at its new hour-long format. 



  • Episode #1837

    In Argentina, one family's search for a grandson disappeared during the military dictatorship in the 1970's. Also comedian Julio Torres, and a new "How I Made It" featuring a Selena impersonator.

  • Episode #1836

    Latino USA takes a look back at Disney's relationship with Latin America.

  • Episode #1835

    Latino USA producer Sayre Quevedo takes us on a journey to untangle the story of his long-lost family. Also, Bambadjan Bamba on Being Both Black and Undocumented.

  • Episode #1834

    In this two-part series, we break down the aftermath of the family separation crisis, and look at Juan Sanchez, CEO of the largest non-profit sheltering migrant children.

  • Episode #1833

    In this episode, NPR's Latino USA looks at the case of Oscar López Rivera: a story with secret identities and safe houses, an FBI manhunt and even a bit of revolution.

  • The Thousands of Bodies Along the US-Mexico Border

    In the last 18 years, more than 2,800 migrant bodies have been found along the Arizona border with Mexico. About 1,000 of the bodies are unidentified. We speak with a woman trying to identify them.

  • Episode #1832

    The difficulties of identifying Latino remains in the United States, searching for lost lives on the border and a report from the Nogales port of entry.

  • Episode #1831

    Latino USA breaks down the political history of Nicaragua leading up to today's protests and unrest. Also Grammy Award-winning artist Miguel and FXs 'Pose.'

  • Episode #1830

    Latino USA travels to the Coachella Valley to look at the valley's poor access to clean water.

  • How I Made It: Aterciopelados

    Latino USA speaks with Andrea Echeverri and Hector Buitrago, the Colombian rock duo behind Aterciopelados, about how their band came to be and the secret to staying successful over so many years.