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  • Jill Biden Talks Biden Cancer Initiative

    NPR's Michel Martin interviews former second lady Jill Biden about the Biden Cancer Initiative and its effort to bring together health care providers, researchers drug companies and patients.

  • Iran Attack Kills 25, Wounds 60

    U.S. officials are rejecting Iran's claims that an American-backed country was behind Saturday's attack on a military parade in Iran.

  • World Champion Arm Wrestler

    NPR's Michel Martin speaks to New Hampshire native Cathy Merrill about her unexpected rise to stardom in the arm-wrestling world, and what she's doing to prepare for the World Championships in Turkey.

  • 'Murphy Brown' Returns For The Trump Age

    After 20 years, Murphy Brown returns to the host chair. In the revival, Candice Bergen's acerbic, pioneering news anchor goes up against her son, who works for a conservative cable news channel.

  • Women And Politics: What's Changed Since Anita Hill

    NPR's Melissa Block speaks with Ruth Mandel, co-founder of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, about the differences between 2018 and 1992 when it comes to women in U.S. politics.

  • North Carolina Flooding

    For some residents of North Carolina, severe flooding from Hurricane Florence came while they were still trying to recover from Hurricane Matthew, which struck in 2016.