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Carmen Cano

Board Member

Always at the intersection of business, design and technology, Carmen has led teams and organizations for many years in both Europe and The United States in product, innovation and design. She's currently the SVP of Product Design at Seismic, and she's played a role at a variety of organizations including Hearst, the Seattle Times, CBS Sports, Getty Images, Drift, etc. She is passionate about solving problems by creating a vision that enables everyone to do their best work.

Some of the most valuable lessons that defines her are:

  • Build stuff that matters – Cool design and technology are great, but building things that improve people’s lives is meaningful.
  • Progress is better than perfection – While analysis is critical, over-analyzing everything is “an elite form of procrastination”.
  • Favor an agile approach with a focus on early delivery and rapid iteration.
  • Be curious. The courage to learn is the path to confidence.
  • Inspire and be kind. It's free.
  • Everything starts with a story – A story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission: our emotions.

Her motto? "Leave it better than you found it."