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The Record: June 29th, Full Show

12 hours ago
KUOW Photo/John Ryan

We talk with KPLU general manager Joey Cohn after the announcement Tuesday that a community group has raised the money and signed a purchase agreement to become independent from Pacific Lutheran University.

Also,  it's adorable, it looks like it needs you, but don't touch a baby seal. We'll tell you what happens if you do. 

And we're spotlighting the issue of homelessness this hour as part of a #SeaHomeless collaboration with Seattle media outlets. 

Listen to the full show above or check out an individual story:

Marchers on Thur. Feb 25 protested the killing of Che Taylor by the Seattle Police, shot on Feb. 22.
KUOW Photo/Liz Jones

Bill Radke talks to Seattle Times criminal justice reporter Steve Miletich about the Seattle Police Department force review board's finding on the shooting of Che Taylor. 

NOAA: Don't touch the seal pups

14 hours ago
Harbor seal pup
Flickr Photo/Tambako the Jaguar (CC BY ND 2.0)/

Bill Radke speaks with Michael Milstein, spokesperson for NOAA Fisheries, about why people should not interfere with seal pups even if they look to be abandoned. 

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray in the KUOW studios.
KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

It’s been nearly eight months since Seattle Mayor Ed Murray declared a state of emergency around homelessness. But the situation seems to be as bad as ever, or worse.

Murray said the state of emergency has given the city access to more resources, local and federal. But he acknowledges the city still has a long way to go to solve the homelessness crisis.

Troy Morgan and his sister Robin Morgan moved from Las Vegas. After experiencing high Seattle costs, they moved into a tent encampment because they didn't want to split up.
KUOW Photo/Kate Walters

Troy Morgan lived in Las Vegas for about a decade. It was nothing fancy, he and his sister lived in a hotel.

Morgan suffered from chronic pain, the result of a workplace injury and subsequent spinal fusion. So when he heard the University of Washington had a good medical program, he and his sister packed up all their belongings and headed for Seattle. 

Blues singer Courtney Weaver performs in the KUOW studios.
KUOW Photo/Isolde Raftery

Jeannie Yandel speaks with Courtney Weaver about the night her boyfriend shot her in the face. Weaver is a blues singer and advocates for stricter gun control measures in Washington state. 

The Record: Tuesday, June 28, full show

Jun 28, 2016
KUOW Photo

It's time to stop being ashamed about a miscarriage -- maybe even time to call it something else. We'll talk with a local writer and a local doctor about this. And cultural critic Chuck Klosterman will tell you why you have no idea what you're talking about (when it comes to history).

Listen to the full show above or check out an individual story:

Flickr Photo/Agnieszka (CC BY 2.0)/

Miscarriage: you probably know what the word means, and given that one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage, you likely know someone who’s gone through one.

But for Angela Garbes, it’s a highly problematic term.

Bill Radke speaks with pop culture author Chuck Klosterman about his new book, "But What If We're Wrong: Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past."   

The Record: Monday, June 27, full show

Jun 27, 2016
KUOW Photo/Kara McDermott

Today on The Record we'll go to the Seattle Pride parade. Then we'll ask whether Seattle should become more like Silicon Valley. And we'll show you how this city is changing by telling you the story of one Seattle house.

Listen to the full show above or check out an individual story:

Todd Bishop and KUOW's Bill Radke geek out over nausea-free virtual reality in the KUOW studios.
KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

Bill Radke talks to Todd Bishop about why some tech companies are leaving Seattle for Silicon Valley. 

Marcy and Scottie Madden stayed together after Scottie transitioned and became a transgender woman
KUOW Photo/Kara McDermott

Scottie Madden made one hell of a guy.

Tough, outdoorsy, a dedicated son, big brother and husband. He led a reality TV crew that took a former Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, and an RAF instructor into some of the harshest environments on earth.

But there was a problem. Scottie Madden may have been born a boy, but he felt he was supposed to be a woman.

The Record: Thursday, June 23, full show

Jun 23, 2016

With one sentence, the U.S. Supreme Court today stopped one of President Obama's legacy issues, immigration reform. We'll hear the reaction from here in Washington.

Also, how we get around has a big impact on our quality of life in Seattle. We're going to get a taste of what you could be deciding on when it comes to transportation come the fall elections.

And what are you afraid of? Does it make it easier to deal with if you write it down? One woman talks about her own experiment in conquering the little fears.

Listen to the full show above or check out an individual story:

Mary Elder is ticking off a list of 50 fears. Eating a bug is on that list.
KUOW Photo/Kara McDermott

When Mary Elder was set to turn 50 she started thinking, what if she had another 50? What would she do with those years?

"I thought, 'I could save the rainforest!' And then my next thought was, 'Except I really don't like snakes,'" she said. 

Sound Transit bus.
Flickr Photo/wings777 (CC BY NC ND 2.0)/

Kim Malcolm talks with growth and development reporter Joshua McNichols about Sound Transit's final proposal for ST3. The $50 billion transportation package will be decided on by voters this fall.