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The condition of watersheds in Washington state continues to decline. That’s according to the the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. The organization delivered the news to the National Congress of American Indians Wednesday.

The National Park Service Wednesday announced it will allow Native Americans to gather plants on federal land managed by the agency.

The Portland City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to approve a 1 percent tax on new residential and commercial construction Wednesday.

All of the money raised from that tax will be used to fund housing projects.

Earlier this year, Oregon lawmakers ended a statewide ban on construction excise taxes.

Housing Commissioner Dan Saltzman said growth and new construction in Portland has driven the cost of housing up dramatically.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump traveled to the small city of Monessen, Pa., on Tuesday to speak about the impact of international trade on U.S. manufacturing jobs.

As he has before, Trump launched a full-throated attack on globalization, pinning the blame on politicians he says have allowed the U.S. manufacturing base to get hollowed out.

"We allowed foreign countries to subsidize their goods, devalue their currencies, violate their agreements and cheat in every way imaginable. And our politicians did nothing about it," he told the crowd.

A new book collects personal essays of students from 13 countries who all have one thing in common: They call Minnesota home.

The book, "Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories from a Minneapolis High School," is made up of writings from 30 students while they were attending Minneapolis' Wellstone International High School.

One of those students is Willian Alonzo, who was born in Guatemala. He wrote about how gangs in the city of Quetzaltenango tried to recruit him.

Lawsuit Aims To Stop Oil Spills From Grand Coulee Dam

2 hours ago

The environmental group Columbia Riverkeeper is suing the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation over oil spills from Grand Coulee Dam.

The group already sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over water pollution coming from eight other dams in the Columbia River Basin.

The Corps settled that suit, agreeing to reduce spills from dams including Bonneville, The Dalles and McNary and start testing eco-friendly oil.

Now, the group is going after the biggest dam in the Northwest.

Why is ISIS attacking Turkey, a Muslim country?

2 hours ago
Osman Orsal/Reuters

Turkey, for a long time, was a beacon of stability between Europe and the Middle East.

Now, the country is caught in a vortex of high tension and overlapping security crises.

Turkey has taken in a huge number of Syrian refugees — approximately 3 million. It’s also under severe pressure from Europe to stem the flow of migrants and jihadists, and yet more pressure from the US to battle ISIS.

Soviet Diaspora - Mail Order Brides

2 hours ago
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The global economy is "here" and "done," President Obama said Wednesday — the question now is under what terms it will be shaped.

Obama spoke at a news conference that was dominated by questions about global trade, the effects of Brexit, and Donald Trump. It followed a summit meeting with the leaders of Canada and Mexico in Ottawa.

Sandy Bartholomew began down the path of buying a gun after seeing a Facebook post with her grandson at a shooting range and deciding it would be fun to join him in target shooting. But in light of recent events, she says it would offer personal security, too.

"Never in a million years when I walked in here did I think I was going to go as far as getting a permit to carry," she said. "But the more you think about it, the more you see on the news, it might be a good thing for me to do."

In San Francisco today, more than 70 media outlets are putting their competitive instincts aside. They're banding together to flood the papers, airwaves and internet with stories about homelessness.

Meanwhile, here in Oregon, advocates are preparing a November bond measure that would provide $258 million for affordable housing — and they're trying to figure out the best possible sales pitch for skeptical voters.

More than 80 people from around the world became United States citizens during a ceremony on St. Paul's Harriet Island on Wednesday.

After U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Rau administered the Oath of Allegiance, he addressed the new citizens, who came from countries including Ecuador, Peru, Kenya, Zambia, Nepal, Poland, Pakistan and China.

Weeks before his death, Jimmy Stanback was lauded as a force for good.

"We got some brothers that are fighting real hard in the community. They been fighting for a long time to stop this craziness," VJ Smith of the group MAD DADS told a crowd who'd gathered for an anti-violence rally near the site where 58-year-old Birdell Beeks was shot and killed while sitting in a minivan near Penn Avenue North and 21st Avenue North.

Appetites: Duluth as a food destination

3 hours ago

Summer road trips may have you heading to the North Shore.

And if you're looking for a pit stop, Minnesota Monthly editor Rachel Hutton says Duluth's food and beverage scene has really taken off in recent years.

Duluth is fairly close to the Twin Cities, but far enough to feel like an escape, Hutton said. That's part of why it has seen an influx of young, creative entrepreneurs.

She joined All Things Considered host Tom Crann to share some of her favorite destinations in the port city, including spots for craft beer, fresh fish or just a sandwich.