Stock Market
12:40 pm
Mon January 14, 2013

The Physics Of Wall Street

Wall Street skyscrapers
Credit Michael Aston / Flickr


  What can physics teach us about finance? A great deal according to physicist and mathematician James Owen Weatherall. He says markets can be understood, and to a degree even predicted, by using principles of physics. Ross Reynolds talks to professor Weatherall about what physics can teach us about Wall Street.

The Future
11:48 am
Thu December 27, 2012

How To Create A Mind

Author and inventor Ray Kurzweil, 56, sits in front of a music mixing board in his office, in Wellesley, Mass., Jan. 12, 2005.
Steven Senne AP Photo

Futurist and author Ray Kurzweil thinks we’re headed for a future where machines will become more like people, people will integrate computers and machines into their bodies, and we will live longer — much longer. Ross Reynolds talks with Ray Kurzweil about his latest book, "How to Create a Mind."

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9:00 am
Thu December 27, 2012

The Next Act For Clean Water

What is the future of clean water?
Credit Flickr photo/Ibrahim Areef

The Clean Water Act turned 40 this year. What has it accomplished? Where would we be without it? And what will the next 40 years look like for clean water in this country? Weekday presents a special broadcast produced by KUOW's EarthFix and Living On Earth from Public Radio International.

Alternative Energy
11:45 am
Wed December 19, 2012

Not Easy To Find Room For Ocean Energy

OPT Inc.

Originally published on Wed December 12, 2012 5:29 pm

GLENEDEN BEACH, Ore. - It goes without saying that the Pacific Ocean is vast. So it may come as a surprise to hear the sea described as "crowded." Perhaps even too crowded to make room for the nascent industry of wave and tidal energy.  Taxpayers and investors have pumped tens of millions of dollars into finding ways to turn the ocean's power into electricity.  In recent weeks, high stakes negotiations to identify wave energy sites on the Oregon Coast are finally getting somewhere.

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9:00 am
Fri December 14, 2012

Science Finds Evidence Of "Zombifying" Parasites

A parasite worms its way into a host, hijacks its nervous system and begins to control their behavior. Sounds like T.V. or the movies, but scientists have long known that parasites can take over and manipulate invertebrate and some vertebrate hosts. We talk with Dr. Shelley Adamo of Dalhousie University about how parasites may be turning hosts into zombies.

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Homeland Security
9:03 am
Fri December 7, 2012

Northwest Scientists Seek New Ways To Trace Chemical Weapons

Anna King Northwest News Network

Originally published on Thu December 6, 2012 7:24 pm

RICHLAND, Wash. -- President Barack Obama has been publicly warning Syria’s leaders not to use chemical weapons against their own people. The news is unexpectedly relevant in southeast Washington. Researchers at at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory are developing new scientific techniques to trace chemical agents back to their sources.

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7:10 am
Thu December 6, 2012

Lull Or Tail End Of Japanese Tsunami Debris?

Tom Banse Northwest News Network

Originally published on Fri December 7, 2012 12:22 pm

LONG BEACH, Wash. – It’s been more than four months since the last confirmed piece of Japanese tsunami debris washed ashore on the Pacific Northwest coast. Even sightings of suspected disaster debris have tapered way off in recent months. Does that mean we’re just in a lull or past the worst of it?

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3:46 pm
Wed December 5, 2012

Every (Other) Breath You Take

Marine microbes are not as cute as sea otters, but they do produce about half the oxygen on the planet.  Meaning you have microscopic marine microbes to thank for every other breath you take.  And University of Washington oceanographer Ginger Armbrust just received a multi-million dollar grant to study marine microbial ecology from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  

Ross Reynolds talks with Professor Armbrust about the latest science on the microbes that we can thank for every other breath.

10:00 am
Tue December 4, 2012

Greendays Gardening: Last Greendays Until Spring

And with the frost-bitten berries go this season of Greendays Gardening.
Credit Flickr photo/Stefan Lins

Marty Wingate, Greg Rabourn and Willi Galloway join us to answer your flower, vegetable and native plant questions. Things are getting wetter and colder. Our gardening panel takes a winter break after today, so this is your last chance until spring to have your questions answered. Call us at 206.543.5869 or email

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10:01 am
Fri November 23, 2012

Best Of The Conversation

On today's show, we bring you some of our favorite segments of the year. We talk about vulnerability, photography and The Boss.

Is There Power In Vulnerability?

Being vulnerable and open to failure makes us uncomfortable, but according to the research of Brene Brown, we can’t have success without vulnerability. Ross Reynolds discusses the power of vulnerability with University of Houston Professor Brene Brown.

Seattle-Based Artist Goes Small Then Large To Highlight The Big Picture

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9:00 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

The Joy Of Math With Steven Strogatz

Cover of Steven Strogatz's book, "The Joy of X."

How does Google search the Internet? How many people should you date before getting married? And how should you arrange your mattress to get the maximum wear out of it?

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12:01 pm
Mon October 29, 2012

George Church: The Harvard Biologist Behind The Personal Genome Project

Professor George Church
Harvard Medical School Photo

George Church says scientists may one day be able to resurrect wooly mammoths and use bacteria to make cups or grow houses. David Hyde discusses the science with professor George Church.

11:54 am
Mon October 29, 2012

Is Climate Change Responsible For The Coming Frankenstorm?

People watch wave activity at Rockaway beach Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in New York. Sandy, a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 75 mph and the center of the storm is expected to be near the mid-Atlantic coast on Monday night.
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

David Hyde talks to Dan Schrag, a geology professor at Harvard University, who also serves on President Obama's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology about climate change and weather.

10:00 am
Tue October 23, 2012

Writer Craig Childs On Nature's Cataclysms, Large And Small

Craig Childs
JT Thomas Photo

Earth is an always-changing planet. Earthquakes thrust new mountains upward, sea ice melts, oceans rise, deserts spread, species die, civilizations collapse. Award-winning writer and commentator Craig Childs traveled to the desolate places on Earth where forces of nature are forever remaking the planet. He joins us to discuss his newest book, “Apocalyptic Planet: Field Guide to the Everending Earth.”

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Energy Policy
8:00 pm
Mon October 22, 2012

The Power Of One Election And America’s Energy Future, Hour Two

In the next four years, the United States will have one fundamental energy policy challenge: How to make the country more self-sufficient. Listen to stories about the next frontiers of energy development and the fields of exploration that may help the US produce more energy at home and import less from abroad.