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The Record: Thursday, Feb 23, Full Show

Feb 23, 2017
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Usually when Congress members are home on recess, they have Town Hall meetings with constituents. But some Republicans are skipping them because they've seen their colleagues get yelled at. Washington Congressman Dave Reichert is opting instead for a Facebook Live event. Is that good enough?

Also, Black Diamond is about to get King County's biggest development in a long time. You'll meet a former Black Diamond resident who'd like to retire there, but worries her hometown is being ruined.

And a Seattle filmmaker couldn't stand his liberal bubble anymore. So he drove his Prius to Lynden, Washington to the home of the Trump voter. He'll tell you what happened there.

The Record: Wednesday, Feb 22, Full Show

Feb 22, 2017
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Swedish Hospital's CEO has resigned after reports of trouble inside its neurosurgery institute. We'll tell you what happened.

We'll also ask two Seattle faith leaders: What would Jesus do about homelessness?

And major league baseball is trying to make the game go faster. Do you want your day at the ball park to be as short as possible?

The Record: Tuesday, Feb 21, Full Show

Feb 21, 2017
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We'll examine how Trump is doing after one month in office  with former Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott and former Washington Republican Party chair Chris Vance.

Also, Seattle's mayor might sue the Trump administration. You'll hear why and learn about his proposed new soda tax for Seattle.

And Uber and Airbnb make life easier or harder, depending who are you are. We'll look at winners and losers in the so-called sharing economy.

The Record: Thursday, Feb 16, Full Show

Feb 16, 2017
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The Washington Supreme Court rules that a florist can not refuse to decorate a same-sex wedding. We'll talk to that florist this hour.

Also, everyone wants fewer suicides in Washington state. What role could the NRA play?

And three Puget Sound area Trump voters will tell you how this presidency looks to them so far.

The Record: Wednesday, Feb 15, Full Show

Feb 15, 2017
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A Seattle man is believed to be President Trump's first arrest of a certain kind. This man was under the protection of an Obama program for people who were brought to the US illegally as children. We'll tell you what that could mean for other DACA participants.

We'll also introduce you to some new local music.

And the Seattle Sounders best player is back from an illness that ended his season. Would you believe that's a problem for the Sounders? We'll tell you why.

The Record: Tuesday, Feb 14, Full Show

Feb 14, 2017

To unionize or not to unionize that is the question for workers at the Boeing 787 plant in South Carolina. Its a hugely important debate and highly contentious. Why would you tell stories about your failures? The Vulnerability Collective at the University of Washington says its a way to build resilience. We'll explain why. And in honor of Valentines Day, we look at the history of computerized dating, which actually had its start in the 1960's. That's all on The Record. 

The Record: Monday, Feb 13, Full Show

Feb 13, 2017
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Should be able to trademark a name that may be offensive? The Supreme Court will take up this issue that affects a band and others.

Also, President Trump just met with Canada's Prime Minister; our Canada correspondent Vaughn Palmer tells us what happened.

And the Seattle Symphony wins another Grammy. Local companies and workers ponder what more immigration restrictions could mean for our economy. 

The Record: Thursday, Feb 9, Full Show

Feb 9, 2017
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President Trump says Nordstrom treated his daughter unfairly when it dropped her clothing line. But Nordstrom says it wasn't politics, it was just business.

Also, you just know that new Seattle buildings are ugly and soulless — But have you really looked at those buildings or are you too busy getting mad about them?

And Seattle Symphony performs a free concert of music from a certain seven majority Muslim countries.

The Record: Wednesday, Feb 8, Full Show

Feb 8, 2017
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The City of Seattle has dumped Wells Fargo and says it's looking for a more ethical bank. How easy is that search going to be?

Also, construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline could resume today. What else can the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe do to stop it?

And if the USA makes it hard to bring in foreign workers, maybe our tech companies should just move to Canada.

The Record: Tuesday, Feb 7, Full Show

Feb 7, 2017
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Washington state opposed President Trump's immigration ban for seven majority-Muslim countries. Then a Seattle federal judge agreed with Washington state. Today the case goes to a higher court. We'll tell you what could happen.

Also, the mayor of Tacoma will tell you why hers is not a "sanctuary city."

And a University of Washington professor will tell you how to ferret out BS in numbers and news.

The Record: Thursday, Feb 2, Full Show

Feb 2, 2017

Does President Trump's new travel ban make Americans safer? We'll ask three local Iranian-Americans who have different takes on that. Also, a Seattle filmmaker will tell you about young Japanese Americans who refused to be drafted into the military from a World War II internment camp. And, why is American prison life so dominated by Christian ministry? Who are the winners and losers in that situation?

The Record: Wednesday, Feb 1, Full Show

Feb 1, 2017

President Donald Trump tells Republicans to "go nuclear" if his Supreme Court choice is held up. What is the next move for Democrats? NPR's Jessica Taylor will join us to discuss. 

Also, a professional anti-racist activist comes to Seattle to talk about white liberals -- maybe you. 

And with the Super Bowl this weekend Russell Wilson is thinking about what was lost, but not the loss that you'd think he's thinking about.

The Record: Tuesday, Jan 31, Full Show

Jan 31, 2017
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Washington state's Attorney General is suing President Donald Trump over the new immigration ban. How strong is our state's case? We'll ask  Rob McKenna, our former Republican attorney general. 

Also, we know President Trump took executive action to speed up construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We'll hear one young woman explain why the Standing Rock protests still represent a historic moment for Native Americans.

And you'll meet an author who spent a month on micro doses of LSD.

The Record: Monday, Jan 30, Full Show

Jan 30, 2017
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There's a family of Syrian refugees in Tukwila who today find themselves separated from their pregnant daughter because of President Trump's latest move. You'll meet the family and find out what's happening right now that could affect that presidential action. 

Also, how could a future Trump order on worker visas affect Microsoft, Amazon, Google and other tech companies with a big presence in the Puget Sound area? 

And, best-selling author Michael Lewis ("Moneyball," "The Big Short") is out with a new book about how terrible you are at making rational decisions and what you could do about that.

The Record: Thursday, Jan 26, Full Show

Jan 26, 2017

A Bellevue mosque was ruined by a fire. We'll tell you the story of how the Mormon church next door reacted.

And we'll keep you up with the latest news concerning immigration with KUOW immigration reporter Liz Jones and an undocumented immigrant named Graciela, who's here under the DACA program. 

Finally, you'll find out how TV, social media and your phone compete constantly for your precious attention.

The Record: Wednesday, Jan 25, Full Show

Jan 25, 2017
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President Trump signed an executive order today to strip funding for so-called sanctuary cities, one that doesn't fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities. What does this mean for Seattle and other locally declared sanctuary cities? We'll ask U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

You'll also hear from Jayapal's predecessor, former Congressman Jim McDermott, who is now teaching a University of Washington class about the new president's first 100 days.

And you'll learn about the history of internment camps in World War II America.

The Record: Tuesday, Jan 24, Full Show

Jan 24, 2017
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Preident Trump signed an Executive Order today clearing the way for the Dakota Access pipeline. Were all those Standing Rock protests for nothing? 

Also Scott McLellan has faced the press for the White House before under George W. Bush. He lives in Seattle now, he'll give you his take on how the Trump administration is dealing with the media.

And should King County give heroin users a safe place to shoot up? We'll have that discussion with two people who visited a safe consumption site in British Columbia and came away with very different conclusions. 

The Record: Monday, Jan 23, Full Show

Jan 23, 2017
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Saturday's Seattle Women's March brought more than hundred thousand people to the streets. But one of the organizers says that wasn't the work. That was just the preparation. So what does a marcher do next? 

Also, a controversial speaker came to the University of Washington. Opponents protested. A man was shot. The woman who invited the speaker will tell you whether it was worth it and why. 

And, we talk to professor Michael Eric Dyson, author of "Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America."

Listen to the full show above or check out a list of our stories. 

The Record: Thursday, Jan 19, Full Show

Jan 19, 2017
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When Barack Obama began his presidency, Democrats complained that Republicans weren't giving him a chance. Now another new president is being inaugurated and Seattle's new Democratic Congresswoman is skipping it. She'll tell you why. 

Another way to oppose a presidency is to write a song. We'll play you some local protest music and ask whether protest music matters anymore. 

And you'll meet the woman the University of Washington calls its highest risk researcher because she's treating people who want to kill themselves.

Listen to the full show above or check out a list of our stories. 

The Record: Tuesday, Jan 17, Full Show

Jan 17, 2017

There's a proposal to abolish the death penalty in Washington state. We'll ask both sides why our governor and attorney general are making this call.

Also, should the University of Washington College Republicans have invited the self-proclaimed most fabulous super villain on the Internet?

And a University of Washington nutritionist will tell you her struggle with food, a struggle that started in boarding school.

Listen to the full show above or check out a list of our stories. 

The Record: Thursday, Jan 12, Full Show

Jan 12, 2017
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To attract the once and future Sonics, Seattle could get a shiny new stadium or we could spruce up old KeyArena. What'll it be?

Also, Seattle is a sanctuary city but that doesn't mean the feds won't deport people. So what do undocumented immigrants do now? 

And if we want to "make America great again," who decides what's great? Republicans? Democrats? God? A Seattle author will make the case for divine providence in American history.

Listen to the full show above or check out a list of our stories. 

The Record: Wednesday, Jan 11, Full Show

Jan 11, 2017
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NPR's White House correspondent joins us with her take on today's Donald Trump news conference.

Also, Seattle bestselling author Lindy West will tell you why she quit Twitter. Should we all just leave? 

And the "hysteria" that has greeted winter this year has set historic records for wailing and chuntering. Is that quote true and what is chuntering?

The Record: Tuesday, Jan 10, Full Show

Jan 10, 2017
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Donald Trump's choice for attorney general is being questioned by the Senate today. Sen. Jeff Sessions doesn't like that marijuana is legal in many states, including Washington. And he doesn't like that Microsoft and Amazon hire foreign workers. You'll learn more about that.

You'll also meet a  liberal UC Berkeley sociologist who spent five years with the Tea Party Republicans of rural Louisiana. 

And we'll talk to a woman who spent her summer atop of Seattle's Fremont Bridge. She found the more she looked at our tree-lined Lake Washington Ship Canal, the less beautiful she found it. She'll tell you why.

The Record: Monday, Jan 9, Full Show

Jan 9, 2017
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Meryl Streep says Donald Trump broke her heart. Trump says Streep is an overrated actress. We'll talk to a politics editor about the culture war. 

And a photographer who's capturing Washington state's disappearing glaciers will tell you why that matters. 

You can hear our entire hour-long show during the morning commute from Marysville to Seattle. We'll show you what happens when turn cities into bedroom communities.

The Record: Thursday, Jan 5, Full Show

Jan 5, 2017
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North Korea says it will be able to send a nuclear-tipped missile to Seattle. Why would Kim Jong Un want to do that, and is Donald Trump the person to stop him?

And Seahawks star lineman Michael Bennett is onstage tonight in Seattle at Town Hall to discuss politics and sports. Can those things go together? Do you really want them to? We'll talk with Bennett's co-host, Dave Zirin, today on The Record.

The Record: Wednesday, Jan 4, Full Show

Jan 4, 2017
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There are two Washington states they say: the Husky side, the Cougar side, the salmon side, the apple side. But will the Cascade split drive us apart?

Also, what are the challenges of running a Seattle public radio station while black -- we'll get our own general manager's take on the unbearable whiteness of journalism.

And what a former Washington governor can teach you about our new president.

The Record: Tuesday, Jan 3, Full Show

Jan 3, 2017
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If you go to visit Bruce Lee's grave at Lake View Cemetery in Seattle and you can't find it, I know you want to ask someone for directions but please stop and think about that. We have a story to tell you. For that matter, before you post a message about how 2016 killed your favorite artists, again please stop and think. We have a story about that, too and more on The Record.

The Record: Wednesday, Dec 28, Full Show

Dec 28, 2016
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How much power does the president really have? The University of Washington School of Law will examine that in a new course. 

Also, after two decades Kennewick Man is coming home to the Northwest tribes he's descended from. 

And finally, how the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at SAM reveals the very casual truth about Seattle style.

Listen to the full show above or check out one of the stories:

The Record: Thursday, Dec 22, Full Show

Dec 22, 2016
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When tribes disenroll members, are they participating in a colonial system? We talk to a Seattle attorney who thinks so and is fighting for the Nooksack 306.

Also, what do Bing Crosby, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain have in common?

This and more on today's show. 

Listen to the full show above or check out one of the stories:

The Record: Wednesday, Dec 21, Full Show

Dec 21, 2016
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KUOW Photo/Gil Aegerter

A hand-embroidered story that was 54 words long was all anyone knew of a slave named Rose, her daughter Ashley, and their ancestor Ruth Middleton. We'll talk to a Central Washington University professor who says he wanted to do right by those women by spending more than a year trying to uncover who they were.

 Also  kayaktavists, if you're listening - you might've helped push President Obama to invoke a 60-year-old law to protect parts of the Arctic and Atlantic Coast from oil companies.