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The Record: Thursday, August 3, Full Show

Aug 3, 2017
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If you voted in the Seattle mayoral election and your candidate lost, how do you make your voice heard now? Some of our guests this hour have big voices.

You'll also hear comedian Hari Kondabolu and his problem with Apu.

And you'll hear the big voices of two Seattle slam poets.

The Record: Wednesday, August 2, Full Show

Aug 2, 2017
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Seattle has chosen two candidates for mayor. We just don't for sure which two. King County voted on a sales tax for the arts. We'll hit the highlights of the primary vote and why it matters.

Also, President Trump today called for changing the U.S. immigration system to one that is merit-based. What does that mean? Who's trying it and what can we learn from them?

And you're going to meet two hydroplane drivers who are racing in Seafair this weekend. One is in his 70s and the other has pretty much gotten over his fear of water. Why do they do it and what's it like in that cockpit?

The Record: Tuesday, August 1, Full Show

Aug 1, 2017
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A heat wave is coming to Seattle. The hottest day should be Thursday, which is also the day of maximum Blue Angels traffic impact. We'll talk Seafair and heat this hour.

Also, is it OK to buy Seahawks tickets even knowing how dangerous football is for players' brains?

And we hear about a roadtrip to leave the Seattle bubble and explore the rest of the state. 

We are joined this hour by Crosscut columnist Knute Berger to talk over the news.

The Record: Monday, July 31, Full Show

Jul 31, 2017
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Your ballot is due tomorrow. You might research the candidates, review their endorsements, parse all the policy proposals or -- if you're like most people -- you'll just vote your self-image. We'll see if there's anything wrong with that.

And here's a political question for people who are upset about the Trump presidency: Is your outrage effective? Or are you giving Trump exactly what he wants?

Also, Seafair weekend is coming up. If you don't get Seafair, you're not alone. We'll tell you what all the noise is about.

The Record: Thursday, July 27, Full Show

Jul 27, 2017
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The new distracted driving law does not outlaw coffee drinking, but a lot of people think it does. There's a petition to change the law. We'll explain what you can't do and help you decide whether that's fair. There's also a push to change Washington drivers licenses and other documents so you would no longer have to declare your gender. We'll talk with someone who's calling for that change. And a life-changing opportunity, you'll meet an eclipse evangelist who wants you to know that staying in Seattle during next month's eclipse is unacceptable. He'll tell you how it changed his life.

The Record: Wednesday, July 26, Full Show

Jul 26, 2017
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President Trump tweets no more transgender people in the military. We'll tell you what that tweet might mean for people at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the Everett Naval Base and more.

Also, do you want to pay a sales tax that goes to the symphony, the ballet, the zoo, museums, theaters?

And Washington's new distracted driving law includes eating and drinking behind the wheel, how fair is that new rule?

The Record: Monday, July 24, Full Show

Jul 24, 2017
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Kids are chasing the dream of being pro athletes, by hiding behind a law for homeless students. That's how a former Seattle high school coach describes what he sees as an abuse of school athletics.

Also, King County might let people use heroin and other illegal drugs under medical supervision. Would this help addicts or hurt them?

And Amazon is now in the Blue Apron business where recipes and ingredients show up at your door. We'll ask how well these services work.

The Record: Thursday, July 20, Full Show

Jul 20, 2017
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If you don't listen to this episode of The Record, you could get pulled over this weekend and not know why. The state distracted driving law changes on Sunday. We'll tell you what you can and can't do with your phone, and your french fries and your coffee in the car.

Also, could this whole health care mess be solved with a single payer system? What are the pros and cons of single payer and what are the odds it happens in America?

And has Seattle's population boom ruined our wilderness?

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As Seattle tries to improve its police department, who is getting mistreated? The officers union says the city is steam rolling the union bargaining process. Some city leaders say the police are being stubborn and selfish. We'll have that debate.

Also have you heard about Alexa -- the Amazon Echo -- deciding on its own to call the police? The media have reported it but that doesn't mean  it really happens. We'll tell you what can happen with Alexa.

And  you're going to find out what it's like to perform hernia surgery on a gorilla. 

The Record: Tuesday, July 18, Full Show

Jul 18, 2017
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Mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver is calling on Ed Murray to resign over sexual abuse allegations that Murray denies.

Also, bike share is back. After the old Pronto bike share collapsed, two companies are putting different wheels on the ground. We'll show you how the new bikes are not like the old bikes.

And Microsoft has a new app called seeing AI, as in artificial intelligence. It lets you use your phone not just to photograph people, but to identify their ages and moods. Useful, creepy or both? 

The Record: Monday, July 17, Full Show

Jul 17, 2017
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Mayor Ed Murray is still denying allegations of sexually abusing minors. The Seattle Times reported yesterday that a child-welfare investigator believed that Murray sexually abused his foster son in the 80s. We'll get a reaction from the candidate that Murray has endorsed for mayor, Jenny Durkan. She is in our studio to tell you why she should be next to lead the city.

Also, the Seattle Rep is planning a musical about the Seattle grunge scene. Does that sound like a perfect marriage or maybe a dramatic disaster?

And you can do better than Donald Trump Jr? How to use email and what you should use instead of email.

The Record: Thursday, July 13, Full Show

Jul 13, 2017
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You've told us the biggest problems this city has: the cost of housing and rising homelessness. Mayor candidate and state Senator Bob Hasegawa says he's got a fix: A public bank.

Also, we know homelessness doesn't stop at the Seattle city limits. We'll meet a woman who lived in her car in Bremerton and talk about laws that can make homelessness a criminal act.

And I have a lot of questions for all our guests this hour but probably not the 36 questions one scientist recommends you use to fall in love with someone. 

The Record: Wednesday, July 12, Full Show

Jul 12, 2017
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Remember the fight over what to do with the Alaskan Way Viaduct? Urban planner Cary Moon led the movement to just tear it down, open up the waterfront — no tunnel, no highway. Now, we're building a tunnel  and Moon is running for mayor. You'll meet her again this hour.

Also, is sleeping outside a right? Tacoma's weighing in on this — they just made camping on city property illegal.

And what happens when you get bored? We'll hear an argument for boredom as a motivating force. 

The Record: Tuesday, July 11, Full Show

Jul 11, 2017

Today you'll meet the only candidate for Seattle mayor who's actually done the job before -- Mike McGinn will take your questions.

Also, Seattle government has passed an income tax. Supporters think it's the morally right thing to do. But opponents say they have the moral high ground. We'll try to figure that out.

And should Mariners fans stop yelling at pitcher Felix Hernandez to strike people out? Maybe he just can't do it any more.

The Record: Monday, July 10, Full Show

Jul 10, 2017
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Seattle mayoral candidates are answering your questions on KUOW. On today is Jessyn Farrell.

We also asked for your questions for the head of Metro Transit. What makes a fantastic bus driver and a less-than fantastic one?

And we look at the rise of medical crowd funding, where you go online and ask strangers to pay medical bills that you cannot afford. It may sound callous but there are certain ingredients that makes a medical crowd funding campaign succeed or fail.

The Record: Thursday, July 6, Full Show

Jul 6, 2017
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First up today we have Gov. Jay Inslee as our guest. He'll tell you whether the new state budget is fair or unfair to the Puget Sound area.

We'll also talk with a journalist about why North Korea hates the United States, but also kind of needs us as well.

And, should Washington state law change to make it easier to prosecute police for shooting people?

The Record: Wednesday, July 5, Full Show

Jul 5, 2017
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North Korea has launched an intercontinental missile, as in from their continent to our continent. We'll tell you whether that's a threat to Seattle and what President Trump's options are.

We'll also show you how police encounters could go differently from how it went in the Charleena Lyles shooting. What happens when officers show up with a mental health co-responder?

And British Columbia has a new premier. We'll tell you what's changed in British Columbia.

The Record: Monday, July 3, Full Show

Jul 3, 2017
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Did we do it?  Did Washington state finally pay for education as much as the state Supreme Court commanded? We'll debate that.

Also, the Ballard Locks turn 100 years old tomorrow. Are the Locks a triumph of engineering, a historic injustice, or maybe both?

And is the Seattle area in a marijuana bubble that's about to burst?

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Seattle will for sure have a new mayor next year: Mayor Ed Murray today said he will not run for re-election.

Also, eyes are on Sea-Tac Airport again as a new travel ban takes effect. We'll tell you what's likely to happen at the airport tonight and why.

And we'll tell you what your rights are when an uninvited drone buzzes your home. Don't shoot until you hear what we have to say. 

The Record: Wednesday, June 28, Full Show

Jun 28, 2017
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It looks like our state government won't shut down this week. We'll tell you what's happening and why.

And there's another government deadline this week: You can no longer own a vacant second home in Vancouver, BC unless you pay a tax on that. How are people reacting?

Plus a KUOW listener has a Local Wonder question: Why hasn't Seattle elected a woman mayor in almost a century? You ask, we answer.

The Record: Tuesday, June 27, Full Show

Jun 27, 2017

We'll debate how the new Republican health insurance plan would affect Washingtonians.

And two Seattle chefs talk about when it's okay to cook and sell another culture's food.

And we’ll hear how The Great British Bake-Off is like an action show about international terrorism and spy networks, and how it's not like other American reality shows.

The Record: Monday, June 26, Full Show

Jun 26, 2017

How is Seattle’s minimum-wage law working? Great, if you have that higher-paying job. But a new study finds employers are reacting to the law by cutting hours and hiring fewer people.

Also, President Trump's travel ban has been partly reinstated. Do you remember the chaos at Sea-Tac airport when the first travel ban hit? We'll tell you what's likely to happen this time.

And Seattle police have stopped using a new public relations tool. It involved official playing a shoot-'em-up video game online and chatting with the people watching them play. It seemed to be going well, until the fatal shooting of Charleena Lyles.

The Record: Thursday, June 22, Full Show

Jun 22, 2017
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Seattle's mayor wants another limit on how landlords can choose their tenants. This time it's more protections from rental discrimination for people with a criminal conviction.

Also, two African-American mothers reflect on shootings like the one in Seattle last weekend and another in Minnesota, shootings that happen in front of children.

What's worse: Illegally driving on the shoulder to get around a traffic jam or moving into the shoulder to block those scofflaws? Answer: the worst part is repeatedly ramming into the scofflaw.

The Record: Wednesday, June 21, Full Show

Jun 21, 2017
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We're still trying to learn what happened in Charleena Lyles' apartment before Seattle police officers shot and killed her. Based on what we know, do we need our police force to change? And how?

Also, how would you feel about taxpayer funding for commercial news outlets? 

And why does a woman become a mother ... or not? We'll talk to guests and take your calls about the pros and cons and the pressures of the motherhood decision.

The Record: Tuesday, June 20, Full Show

Jun 20, 2017
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We'll bring you the latest on Sunday's fatal shooting by Seattle police officer of an African American woman who police say drew a knife.

Also, a Portland band has won the right to trademark a name many consider to be a racial slur. The band is happy. A Seattle law professor is not, he'll tell you why.

And what have you done to buy a home in this spiraling housing market? We'll give you some expert advice and we want to listen to your home-buying story, failure or triumph. 

The Record: Monday, June 19, Full Show

Jun 19, 2017
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Seattle Police are investigating the fatal shooting of an African-American woman over the weekend. Police say she pulled a knife. We'll tell you the latest.

Also, the head of Washington state's Republican party will tell you how the state GOP is attracting voters in the age of Trump.

A Portland band has won the right to trademark their name, a name they admit can be offensive.

And what is Amazon up to buying Whole Foods?

The Record: Thursday, June 15, Full Show

Jun 15, 2017

Do you need to post selfies to Instagram on Mount Rainier? Or call 911 in an emergency? Spotty cell service makes it hard but that might be changing.

Seattle wants an income tax on rich people. Who's rich? You are if you make over $250,000. Good idea? We'll debate that.

And stick around because later this hour Sen.Al Franken (D-MN) will take a break from investigating President Trump to talk with us live on KUOW about his new book, "Giant of the Senate."

The Record: Wednesday, June 14, Full Show

Jun 14, 2017
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The man who accused Seattle's mayor of sexual abuse is dropping his lawsuit. We'll bring you the details.

Also, a Seattle poet searches for the name of her medical diagnosis and finds out it's the same one you and I have.

And a University of Washington atmospheric scientist argues the "environmental left" is crying wolf on climate change and hurting its own cause. 

The Record: Monday, June 12, Full Show

Jun 12, 2017

Bill Radke couldn't sleep last night because he was reading Sherman Alexie's new memoir. Alexie has so much to say he is with us this hour. And so is Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO. His new project is a website that crunches the numbers on the United States of America.

Alexie and Ballmer overlap when it comes to NBA basketball, which is the talk of Seattle right now as the city chooses between Sodo and KeyArena. So we'll get into that too.

The Record: Thursday, June 8, Full Show

Jun 8, 2017
KUOW Photo/Gil Aegerter

Seattle's mayor just chose an investor group to bring more pro sports to Key Arena. So does that mean the Sodo arena is dead?

And here's how income inequality works in your brain: Even if you have enough money to live you compare yourself to people who have more and that comparison makes you suffer. We'll show you how that works and what you could do about it.