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The Record: Monday, May 1, Full Show

May 1, 2017

We'll take you live to a Seattle May Day march. We'll tell you why Seattle May Day is the way it is and consider how long the anarchy can last.

Also, we'll tell you why the West Point Sewage Treatment plant failed and why it matters.

And should a violent felon be able to write the New York Times crossword puzzle? We'll tell you the story of a Washington state convict and what it says about redemption.

The Record: Thursday, April 27, Full Show

Apr 27, 2017
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Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant has called for a peaceful shutdown of the airport and freeways on Monday — May Day. The Washington State Patrol says that's irresponsible. Sawant joins us.

And President Trump is reviewing national monuments, including two in Washington state. What are the pros and cons of rolling back some government protected areas?

And we'll talk with the NPR editor who's tracking Trump's many conflicts of interest.

The Record: Wednesday, April 26, Full Show

Apr 26, 2017
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Seattle can still be a sanctuary city despite President Trump's funding threat. That's thanks to a federal judge's ruling. We'll find out what Trump is doing with immigration overall.

And a Bellevue City Council member said he wants to keep the Seattle scourge of homelessness away from his city. He'll tell you what he means by that.

And Nordstrom is selling jeans pre-caked with mud for $425. Was this a retail fail or a win because I'm talking about Nordstrom right now?

The Record: Tuesday, April 25, Full Show

Apr 25, 2017
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Californians talk about seceding from the USA. What if King County spun off Seattle? We'll talk to a state senator who doesn't think Auburn should have to pay for Seattle's foolishness.

Also, Garfield High School is accused of breaking the rules to recruit football players. We'll talk to the reporter who broke the story.

And you'll meet Seattle filmmaker from Vladivostok who was inspired by a secret TV channel where Russian voice actors made Hollywood come alive.

The Record: Monday, April 24, Full Show

Apr 24, 2017

Rachel Dolezal is the dormer Spokane NAACP leader who for years passed as black despite being born to white parents. Seattle writer Ijeoma Ouluo didn't want to write about her, didn't want to meet her certainly, didn't want to sit in Dolezal's kitchen and look at her art. But she did and she'll tell you what she learned.

And, when you're out whale watching you want to see something spectacular, but some people got more of a show then they wanted. 

The Record: Thursday, April 20, Full Show

Apr 20, 2017

It's coming up: April 29. That symbolic milestone is of the first 100 days in office.

Congressmember Pramila Jayapal represents the Seattle area in the House of Representatives. She's in our studio and took your questions.

Plus, you'll hear some modern protest music, and will a bag of soon-to-be-legal Canadian marijuana be cheaper than what you could buy on the black market?

The Record: Wednesday, April 19, Full Show

Apr 19, 2017
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The man suing Seattle Mayor Ed Murray alleging sexual abuse has now made his name and face public. Murray denies those allegations. We'll tell you why the accuser's decision matters. Also, you'll hear from high ranking House Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Spokane. And Bill Nye the Science Guy will preview the protest chants at this weekend's March for Science.

The Record: Tuesday, April 18, Full Show

Apr 18, 2017
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Today, President Donald Trump goes after the hiring of high-skilled foreign workers. It's part of a campaign that could affect local workers and companies like Amazon and Microsoft. We'll tell you who might win and lose. Speaking of local tech giants, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is launching a project to tell you how your government works. It's called USAFacts. Is Ballmer responding to Trump's alleged war on facts? And Seattle officials insist that any new sports stadium would have minimal public financing. But other cities are offering teams tons of public financing. What makes us so special?

The Record: Monday, April 17, Full Show

Apr 17, 2017
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The big story today, Seattle's mayor has a new election challenger and it is the former mayor Mike McGinn whom Murray defeated four years ago. We'll ask Mike McGinn why he's declaring now and what he learned from his previous term as mayor. And we'll hear from two Uber drivers, one for a union and one against. All that and more on The Record. 

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We're talking about plans this hour. First, a plan to keep you away from your cell phone and tablet while you're driving. Also, plans for finding some sunshine in Washington state — where to go and how long it'll take. And a plan to figure out funding for arts in King County. We thought one plan was dead but now it's not so. All coming up on The Record.

The Record: Wednesday, April 12, Full Show

Apr 12, 2017

Mayor Ed Murray's attorney Robert Sulkin argues that a physical exam of the mayor proves that accusations of sexual assault against him are false, which means the lawsuit against the mayor must be dropped. We'll talk with one of the reporters who broke the story.

Also, we imagine a future where small, hybrid electric airplanes fly you to Cannon Beach and Bellingham; the government fills out our tax returns for you; and Jeff Bezos sends you up into space just because he really really wants to.  

The Record: Tuesday, April 11, Full Show

Apr 11, 2017
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Fake news. You know it when you see it, right? You'd never fall for it and you'd certainly never share it. We'll talk with a UW researcher who found most of us get tricked by fake news stories even if we don't realize it. But that's not the really scary part — it's where those stories come from.

Also, the video of a man getting dragged off a United Express flight has led to calls for a United boycott and prompted a defense of the United staff from the airline. We'll talk about what you're really entitled to when you buy an airline ticket. Spoiler alert: not much.

And we'll talk about the places in Seattle that have disappeared and why those places might best be considered ghosts. 

The Record: Monday, April 10, Full Show

Apr 10, 2017
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The Seattle Seahawks and the rest of the NFL  has a problem with prescription painkillers. Doctors and trainers give them too easily and too often just to get players on the field. That's the subject of a lawsuit from a former Seahawk. 

Also, we'll walk through the legal issues surrounding the sex abuse case against Mayor Ed Murray.

And a federal immigration program designed to create jobs and increase development also lacks oversight - which has meant both immigrants trying to come to the Northwest and towns that need jobs and infrastructure have been misled and possibly defrauded.

All that and more coming up on the Record.

The Record: Thursday, April 6, Full Show

Apr 6, 2017

The Nuclear Option - that's the button Senate Republicanss just pushed. They've just eliminated the 60 vote threshold, so President Trump's Supreme Court nominee will go through over the objections of Democrats. What does this mean for the future of Roe V Wade and other Supreme Court decisions? We'll talk with Senator Patty Murray.  And Pearl Jam goes into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The only band besides Nirvana from the Seattle rock scene of the 90s. We'll tell you why Pearl Jam mattered and why they've stayed alive and together.

The Record: Wednesday, April 5, Full Show

Apr 5, 2017

Governor Jay Inslee is a guest this hour. He'll tell you who will pay for Bertha's tardiness and whether President Trump has ever threatened him for his opposition to Trump.

And who says we've gone too far, shaming one another over who has privilege? We took your calls and asked, have you been called out for being privileged? Have you ever pointed out someone else's privilege. How did that go?

We'll hear your stories on The Record. 

The Record: Tuesday, April 4, Full Show

Apr 4, 2017

Seattle's police department has been working under a federal court order to change the way its officers view racial equity and the use of force. Now the federal government is taking a second look at agreements like those. We'll ask what it means here when we talk to the head of the Seattle police officers union.

Also, today is Equal Pay Day, meaning the average woman had to work all of last year and up until today to make the money that men do in just one year. We'll talk with a Washington legislator who wants to change the situation here.

And you'll find out how Costco is taking on Big Golf Ball.

The Record: Monday, April 3, Full Show

Apr 3, 2017

In D.C. today, Democrats have collected enough Senate votes to filibuster President Trump's Supreme Court nominee. Republicans do have another option -- the nuclear option, it's been called. We'll tell you why all of this matters so much.

Also, Bertha is about to emerge at last. When the waterfront tunnel eventually opens, what will it all mean for Seattle traffic?

And Amazon bought diapers.com, now Amazon has flushed diapers.com. We'll tell you why it was so disposable and what else Amazon is up to.

The Record: Thursday, Mar 30, Full Show

Mar 30, 2017

Sound Transit is spending $50 billion on light rail, heavy rail and buses. Are you getting what you're paying for? Is Sound Transit accountable to you? And how's the ride so far? Bill Radke puts his and your questions to Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff.

Plus MSNBC host Chris Hayes talks about the history of policing in America.

The Record: Wednesday, Mar 29, Full Show

Mar 29, 2017
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How powerful are you? Our guest this hour advised President Clinton on domestic policy. He helps people work for civic change and he says you're more powerful than you think, but you have to understand how power works.

And, if you're a man playing for U.S. Hockey, congratulations: You've been getting a full salary and the organization pays for you to travel business class to the Olympics. Not so much if you're a woman hockey player. We'll talk about equality in women's sports with the co-owner of the Seattle Storm.

The Record: Tuesday, Mar 28, Full Show

Mar 28, 2017
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We don't have a state income tax here, but we could get a state capital gains tax. Democratic legislators are proposing it to pay for schools.

You'll also meet a local musician who recorded his new album in the room where his wife had died just a few months earlier.

And if Seattle Opera closes its scenery shop that means more digital sets, but also nobody who knows how to fix the monorail.

The Record: Monday, Feb 27, Full Show

Mar 27, 2017
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Sanctuary cities like Seattle: You're on notice. The U.S. Attorney General just outlined what the White House will do to cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration agents. We'll tell you what he said and what it means for Seattle, Burien and others.

Also, is President Trump right that Obamacare is exploding? If so, what could we do in Washington state to improve health care coverage?

And from Facebook to games, we'll show you how tech companies make their products addictive to you and what you can do about it.

The Record: Thursday, Mar 23, Full Show

Mar 23, 2017
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The Republican health care overhaul is in trouble. Today, the so-called Freedom Caucus -- very conservative House members -- said no deal. But the White House says "Yes, deal. It's not dead." We'll tell you the latest.

And you'll find out why the outcome matters so much to people with disabilities in Washington state.

Plus, when Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz vowed to hire 10,000 refugees, was he being too political?

The Record: Wednesday, March 22, Full Show

Mar 22, 2017
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There are states where employers have to give workers paid family leave. Washington state is not among them -- we'll tell you why that might soon change.

Change is also coming to your local bathroom. Beyond transgender rights, we just might not separate bathrooms by gender at all.

And here's a way to deal with a crisis of opioid overdoses -- free heroin.

The Record: Tuesday, Mar 21, Full Show

Mar 21, 2017
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Should you vote to raise Seattle property taxes to pay for homelessness programs? If you're a liberal who answers no -- how should you feel about that? And what's a better idea?

Also, we meet a former immigration agent turned sanctuary priest.

And you'll find out how Galapagos penguins are surviving climate change -- it has to do with a boomerang. All this on today's The Record.

The Record: Monday, Mar 20, Full Show

Mar 20, 2017

Chuck Berry died over the weekend. We're going to make the case that in 200 years, he is the only rock and roller most people will be able to name. Not Elvis Presley, not the Beatles, but the brown eyed handsome man. I think you'll end up agreeing. Also, should Seattle put a new tax on sugary sodas, and not diet sodas, just sugary sodas? And we'll tell you whether you might someday make the road trip to Portland in the span of 15 minutes.

The Record: Thursday, Mar 16, Full Show

Mar 16, 2017
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KUOW Photo/Gil Aegerter

Today on The Record, you'll find out what President Donald Trump's new budget means for Washington, how the president's travel ban could affect the Seattle Sounders, and how a Seattle rabbi reacted to the vandalism of his synagogue. Some people wanted to cover up the graffiti right away. The rabbi will tell you why he said no.

The Record: Wednesday, Mar 15, Full Show

Mar 15, 2017
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Governor Jay Inslee gave a press conference about the effects the GOP health care bill will have on Washington state. The governor said 600,000 people would lose coverage if this bill rolls back the Medicaid expansion, and an additional 100,000 people would drop out of Washington's health care exchange. Aaron Katz teaches health policy at the University of Washington and breaks down those numbers.

And we debate a lawsuit against the city brought by landlords who oppose a law that requires them to rent to the first qualified applicant. We'll also talk to Stephen Quinn about the latest headlines out of British Columbia. 

The Record: Tuesday, Mar 14, Full Show

Mar 14, 2017
KUOW Photo

Do you ever get sick? Do you pay taxes? Then you have a stake in our top story. The American Health Care Act is the Republicans' plan to replace President Obama's Affordable Care Act. It might pass the House, but the vote would be extremely tight in the Senate.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., is the ranking member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. She said the American Health Care Act will have a dramatic impact on families in Washington.

And we finally have a Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Republican health care plan. The CBO finds this plan would cause 14 million people to lose health insurance next year, rising to 24 million after 10 years. We’ll speak with Mary Agnes Carey, a senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News, about how reliable that prediction is. 

The Record: Monday, Mar 13, Full Show

Mar 13, 2017
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It's been more than a year since Seattle Mayor Ed Murray declared homelessness an emergency. Now he's asking for more money: a new tax on the city's property owners. What would that money buy and is it money well spent? The mayor answered that question and others today on The Record

And in late January, Donald Trump signed an executive order banning entry to the United States from seven majority Muslim countries. Just 12 days later, the Seattle Symphony performed "Music Beyond Borders: Voices from the Seven." The concert featured music by composers from those countries listed in the order. Ludovic Morlot is music director for the Seattle Symphony. He says the idea for the concert came from the musicians in the symphony. 

The Record: Thursday, March 9, Full Show

Mar 9, 2017
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Washington's Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced he'll continue to press the legal case against President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban. KUOW's Ruby de Luna explains the details of the case.

Two transgender teens share why it has never been easy for them to use the bathroom or locker room at school.

And, one local artist thinks others of her kind should be more commercial.