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The Record: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Sep 27, 2017
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The Trump administration changes the way college campuses can approach sexual assault accusations.

Obamacare repeal and replace is dead.

And Franklin Foer is with us. His new book is a timely one for Seattle — it's called "World Without Mind." It's about the dominance of Amazon, and Apple, Google and Facebook and the existential threat posed by big tech.

The Record: Tuesday, September 26, Full Show

Sep 26, 2017

North Korea says it has the right to shoot down U.S. bombers in international airspace. Is that a declaration of war? We'll talk to a Seattle journalist and author of books about North Korea.

Also, a KUOW listener wants to know — what's our state's plan for warning us of a coming earthquake?

And the state of marriage, 2017. You'll meet an author who says marriage has entered a new phase and it's better than ever if it's working. If it's not working, it's harder than ever.

The Record: Monday, September 25, Full Show

Sep 25, 2017
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It's not just a few Seattle Seahawks and Colin Kaepernick: The debate over how athletes respect the flag is spreading to more teams, more sports and to the U.S. presidency.

Also, going undercover with the so-called alt right. You'll meet a man who pretended to be a white supremacist in order to infiltrate neo-Nazis in Seattle and beyond.

And 20 years after the documentary "Hype!" about the 90s Seattle grunge scene, what has Seattle learned about greed?

The Record: Thursday, September 21, Full Show

Sep 21, 2017
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We're going to start our show with your objections to it.

Yesterday, we spoke with a man who wore a swastika armband in downtown Seattle.

We got a lot of feedback from you. You had legitimate concerns and we discussed them on our show — and with a historian who put this interview in a historical context.

The Record: Wednesday, September 20

Sep 20, 2017

Fifteen years ago, it looked so sparkly. An unfolding renaissance in American cities like Seattle. Author Richard Florida wrote about the promise of those cities that can attract innovators, designers, urban tech. Now Florida has a new book about how all that has worked out. It's less sparkly.

The Record: Tuesday, September 19, Full Show

Sep 19, 2017
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Today you'll meet Seattle's new mayor, before the new new mayor comes later this fall.

Also, what do you think you know about Vietnamese-Americans? You'll find out why your mental images of the Vietnam War are probably not helping.

And, have you seen "the punch"? A man wearing a swastika armband in downtown Seattle was punched and knocked out cold. With that armband this man associated himself with murderers. Does that make it ethical to physically attack him? And what does that achieve?

The Record: Monday, September 18, Full Show

Sep 18, 2017
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Today, Seattle will get its third mayor in under a week. What have we learned from this whole unwanted experiment?

Also, a new Seattle start up launches today. They'll help pay for your down payment — if you'll agree to become an Airbnb host.

And we'll ask Puget Sound newcomers to tell us a story -- what did you expect it to be like here and what is it actually like here?

The Record: Thursday, September 14, Full Show

Sep 14, 2017
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We're getting at the big questions today. First of all, Seattle's mayor is gone after sex abuse allegations that he denies. Beyond one politician, sexual abuse is a societal crisis that we all know about and most of us ignore. How can that be and what are we going to about it?

Big question number two: What are we going to do about the price of living in Seattle? What would keep this city affordable for everyone? More upzoning and development? Or do developers just make housing more expensive? And ruin neighborhoods?

Big question number three: Can we make our world the place we want it to be by shifting our outlook? You'll meet the author of the new book, "Why Buddhism Is True." 

The Record: Wednesday, September 13, Full Show

Sep 13, 2017
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Seattle's mayor is resigning today after another allegation of sexual abuse. Meanwhile, the two people running for his job debated each other last night. We'll capture both of those events today.

And Beach Boys lead singer Mike Love is in our studio. He'll tell you about blending voices and transcendental meditation and what you probably think of him and Brian Wilson.

The Record: Tuesday, September 12, Full Show

Sep 12, 2017
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There's another man accusing Seattle mayor Ed Murray of sexual abuse. This time, the accuser is Murray's younger cousin. We'll tell you what we do and don't know know so far.

Also, Nordstrom is opening a clothing store without clothing. It's more about the stylist and the wine and the experience.  

And a local wildlife photographer will tell you the story of the monkey selfie — the famous photo of a crested macaque grinning into a camera. Since the monkey pressed the button there's a legal argument over who gets to profit from it. And now there is a settlement in that case.

The Record: Monday, September 11, Full Show

Sep 11, 2017
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How should Seattle react to Amazon shopping itself to other cities? Should we be glad there won't be another 50,000 Amazon jobs coming here? Should we give Amazon more of what they want? We're going to have that debate.

Also, you'll meet a so-called bikini barista who does not appreciate the city of Everett telling her what she can wear at her job.

And Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson launches a new startup company where you get an exclusive inside look at his failing to score a single touchdown yesterday.

The Record: Thursday, September 7, Full Show

Sep 7, 2017
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Amazon wants another headquarters outside of Seattle. They said so today. They're not leaving Seattle but they want an "HQ2" somewhere else. Why would they want that and what does this mean for our city?

Also, you've heard President Trump is ending the DACA program to protect the so-called Dreamers brought here as children. One of those Dreamers will tell you his story and what the Trump move means for him.

And Sherman Alexie will be here with Daniel Handler, also known as Lemony Snicket. Handler has written a book called "All the Dirty Parts" and we are going to talk adolescence and sex.

The Record: Wednesday, September 6, Full Show

Sep 6, 2017
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The only Republican member of Congress from the Puget Sound area is leaving. Dave Reichert announced today he will not run for re-election. You'll find out what this means for local and national politics.

You'll also hear what it's like to be a Puget Sound area super-commuter — two hours of commute a day or more.

And John Keister, former host of Seattle comedy TV show Almost Live, says he'll perform his final stand up show this weekend.

The Record: Tuesday, September 5, Full Show

Sep 5, 2017
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There'll be a rally in Seattle this afternoon against today's announcement about the DACA program. The Trump administration will stop protecting people who were brought to the United States illegally as children. You'll hear local and national reaction to that announcement.

And, Lindy West is here. She's a Seattle author and for the last few months she's been a New York Times columnist where she's written sentences like this, describing Seattle smoke, "It’s as though a giant cloche has been placed over the whole region, like God is playing molecular gastronomy and we are her smoked langoustine cotton candy duck balloons."

The Record: Thursday, August 31, Full Show

Aug 31, 2017
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The recovery effort in Texas from Harvey has been described as a marathon, not a sprint. We're going to talk with a couple of people about how we in western Washington can help Houston — not only now, but down the long road.

Also, we'll look at a short term form of help for overdoses: a drug called Naloxone. Is it a cure-all wonder drug?

And we're going to figure out why two hallmarks — summer mosquitos and fireflies — don't seem to exist here in Seattle.

The Record: Wednesday, Aug 30, Full Show

Aug 30, 2017
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I know you're concerned about homelessness but what are you willing to do about it? Could you ever see yourself having someone live in a tiny house in your yard? If you think that is beyond imagination, stay tuned and get to know someone who is doing it.

And a Seattle artist talks about her one woman show that tells the story of her grandmother, who was also a gangster. 

The Record: Tuesday, August 29, Full Show

Aug 29, 2017
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President Trump has ordered a ban on transgender people serving in the military. You'll meet the first U.S. infantryman to come out as trans. She's at Joint Base Lewis-McChord and she'll be with us today.

Also, should the city of Seattle guarantee free college tuition?

And you'll meet the public radio host who was covering a rally in Berkeley last weekend and saw a demonstrator on the ground being beaten by an anti-fascist group. Al Letson will tell you what he did next and what he learned.

The Record: Monday, August 28, Full Show

Aug 28, 2017
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Seattle area rescue teams are headed to Houston to help with Tropical Storm Harvey. What do they do when they get there and how dangerous will it be?

You'll also hear about Amazon's takeover of Whole Foods. What happened to the price of a "whole-paycheck avocado"? Has Seattle become overly dependent on Amazon's success?

And if Dale Chihuly didn't personally blow that glass, do you still have a Chihuly?

The Record: Thursday, August 24, Full Show

Aug 24, 2017
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Go fishing, catch as many escaped Atlantic salmon as you can. That's the message from Washington Fish and Wildlife after a pen at a fish farm near Anacortes broke last weekend and thousands of Atlantic salmon escaped.

Also, we'll look at what we can learn from failure and why colleges and universities are teaching students how to fail.

And we know traffic is terrible, talking about it is the worst, but that doesn't stop the people who tweet about traffic for Washington Department of Transportation from trying to make us laugh about it.

The Record: Wednesday, Aug 23, Full Show

Aug 23, 2017
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The most contaminated place in the Western Hemisphere is here in Washington state. John Oliver talked about the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, we'll get reaction to his comments, or some might call it trash-talking. It was kind of trash-talking.

Also, University of Washington president Ana Mari Cauce is with us this hour. We'll talk about free speech on campus in the wake of Charlottesville, the George Washington statue, and get listener questions in too.

The Record: Tuesday, August 22, Full Show

Aug 22, 2017

What are we going to do about 300,000 farmed Atlantic salmon that escaped a hatchery near Anacortes? They might be a risk to wild Puget Sound salmon. Fish and Wildlife says: grab your fishing pole. You can catch as many as you want.

And what should we do about that statue of Vladimir Lenin in Fremont? Mayor Ed Murray wants it to come down, and he's not alone. Should we take it down, or leave it up? We'll take your calls.

Plus, if you could send any message into outer space, what would it be and why? Joe Janes of the Documents That Changed the World podcast comes by to talk about what he calls one of the most important letters in human history.

Well, that was pretty cool. Clouds rolled in, the sky grew dark, the temperature dropped. Did you watch the eclipse? We talk with a KUOW producer who traveled to Oregon to experience totality, and a NASA scientist who chased the eclipse in a plane.

Plus, we'll learn more about the history of the Confederate monument at Seattle's Lakeview Cemetery, try to sort out whether we need to tear down meeting places for white supremacists on the Internet, and debate whether American slavery can ever be fodder for entertaining television.

The Record: Thursday, August 17, Full Show

Aug 17, 2017
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Bill learns something that startled him" Monday's eclipse is going to make clouds roll in to Puget Sound! Also, when will the eclipse start? Where should you watch it? What would it be like to go to Oregon for the total eclipse? Will Bonnie Tyler be singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" live during the event? We'll ask a University of Washington expert all your eclipse questions.

Also, we'll explode the myth of the loner genius tech nerd. It's a stereotype that's not true and it brings us misguided workers and bad gadgets.

And you'll meet a local sportswriter who says if Seahawks star Michael Bennett doesn't want to stand during the national anthem he should quit the team.

The Record: Wednesday, August 16, Full Show

Aug 16, 2017
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President Trump: If Robert E. Lee statues come down, what about statues of the slave holder George Washington? We have one of those in Seattle -- a 14-foot tall bronze statue of Washington at the university of Washington. What purpose does it serve? Should it come down? We'll debate that.

Also, Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver concedes the primary election but endorsed no one. Does she have no preference between Jenny Durkan and Cary Moon? We'll ask her.

The Record: Tuesday, August 15, Full Show

Aug 15, 2017
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Seattle's mayor denies allegations that he sexually abused teenagers decades ago. Some people want him to resign anyway for the sake of all the victims whose true stories were not believed. But what about Murray's right to be presumed innocent? What about the rights of Seattle citizens to an orderly transition of power? We'll have that debate.

Also, Seattle is the first American city to use democracy vouchers -- tax money that citizens use to support candidates of their choice. We'll see how it's going so far.

And on a lighter note, a creamier note, two giants of Seattle ice cream will tell you ice cream stories and take your flavor suggestions.

The Record: Monday, August 14, Full Show

Aug 14, 2017
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Yesterday's counter-demonstrators tried to push past police to confront a Patriot Prayer rally in Westlake Park. What is the best response to bigotry?

Also, Seattle will have its first woman mayor in about a century. We'll talk to two woman who say there's a lot more to be done.

And a Seahawks star refuses to stand during yesterday's national anthem.

The Record: Thursday, August 10, Full Show

Aug 10, 2017
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Today we're bringing people together, like the head of Washington state's Republican and Democratic parties.

And comedians Hari Kondabolu and Dwayne Kennedy will come together to talk North Korean warheads, Cold War and existential dread. There's a decent chance you'll hear some early Sting in that conversation.

Plus, the Seattle Mariners would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. We've asked Major League Baseball to do that, still waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, we'll look at what the stretch run might hold for the Mariners.

The Record: Wednesday, August 9, Full Show

Aug 9, 2017
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How nervous should you be about Seattle being in Kim Jong Un's nuclear sights? We'll talk with Washington state's ranking member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee.

Also, should Seattle let people live in their cars, protected from parking tickets and vehicle impounds? That's the proposal, and we will debate it this hour.

And what does that former Google engineer's manifesto tell us about gender and diversity in our big tech companies?

The Record: Tuesday, August 8, Full Show

Aug 8, 2017
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Burien is a so-called sanctuary city, though there's no formal definition of that. Now Burien's policy is up for debate again. The city has decided to put it to the voter. You'll hear the arguments for and against being a local sanctuary city.

And you'll hear arguments for and against removing mountain goats form the Olympics. Move them? Shoot them? Contracept them? And why?

The Record: Monday, August 7, Full Show

Aug 7, 2017
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Supervised heroin injection? Not in our city say Bellevue's elected leaders.

Also, who will survive the Seattle mayoral primary?

And can art be exclusive? Seattle Symphony, Pacific Northwest Ballet — are their performances for everyone or only a few?