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Earth Day

Washington Governor Jay Inslee used Earth Day to chastise state lawmakers for their environmental record.

What's In A Name: How Earth Day Was Born

Apr 22, 2015
The Americas are seen from space on Earth Day 2014 in a photo captured by NOAA's GOES-East satellite.

Marcie Sillman talks with Denis Hayes, local environmental activist and founder of Earth Day, about how the perfect name for the day was determined.

The small, rarely-seen member of the weasel family known as the fisher may be even rarer in the Northwest because of the prevalence of illegal marijuana grow operations here.

Humpback whales feed in Southeast Alaska.
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Humpback whales have rebounded so successfully that federal wildlife managers say most should be removed from endangered species protection – with a caveat for whales off Washington state.

That's a bit of good news for this Earth Day. Below we've  summarized the debate over the status of a few other threatened or endangered species in Washington state.

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David Hyde talks with environmental activist Denis Hayes about some Earth Day advice for people who have become eco-complacent. Hayes served as the national coordinator to organize the first Earth Day in 1970.

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David Fenton has a piece of advice on celebrating Earth Day this Tuesday: If you really want to help, stop calling it Earth Day.

He said the day is not about the earth. “The planet is going to be fine. It just will eject us, and unfortunately a lot of other species,” Fenton said. “The planet will recover. We just won’t be here. That’s what we need to explain to people.”

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Ross Reynolds talks with Todd Myers, environmental director of the Washington Policy Center, about how conservative values align with the environmental movement. 

John Stamets

This Thursday the Bullitt Foundation moves into their new offices on Capitol Hill — a brand new building they’re touting as the greenest in the world. The Bullitt Center is a “living building” that will generate all its own electricity and water. Last week the head of the Bullitt Foundation and coordinator of the first Earth Day, Denis Hayes, took Ross Reynolds and his crew on a tour of the Bullitt Center.

The Bullitt Center grand opening is April 22, 2013 — Earth Day.