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Once a symbol of freedom from the city, now despised amongst urban hipsters. Why have culs-de-sac fallen out of favor? Because they don't work very well, but also because wealth has shifted away from suburbs and into cities.

Turning Language Into Beautiful, Functional Design

Oct 28, 2013
Nate Harrison Photo

Artists often take inspiration from the world around them, and for Andrea Leksen, a local graphic designer and typography professor, inspiration came in the form of five letters.  Engraved on a terracotta panel on the side of a building in SODO, the letters B-E-M-I-S with their high-waists and flowery serifs struck Leksen and prompted her to begin a new project.

There are certain creations that have defined beauty for generations: Renoir's pudgy, pink nude; Rothko's brilliant blocks of color that seem to vibrate; Michelangelo's naked young man in marble, with a slingshot on his shoulder.

KUOW Photo/David Hyde

Ross Reynolds gets a home tour from architect Karen Braitmayer and hears about what it's like to design homes for people in wheelchairs.