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US President Donald Trump promised last month he'd discuss with Chinese President Xi Jinping how to stop the “flood of cheap and deadly” fentanyl “manufactured in China." 

Standing alongside Xi on Thursday during a press conference after the two leaders wrapped up formal talks in Beijing, Trump said he and the Chinese president would focus “very strongly” on curbing the drug trade and stopping “the lethal flow of poisonous drugs into our countries and into our communities."

In the days leading up to Tung Nguyen’s check-in with immigration officials in October, he couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and couldn’t concentrate at work.

In case he got detained, he cleaned the house and made sure his wife knew where to find important financial information so she can take over paying the bills.

“It’s traumatizing,” says Nguyen. “All I think about is that ... this time, I might not come back and see my wife and kid.”

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At 93, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is the oldest head of state in the world. But he's not letting age slow him down. He is running again in next year’s elections. But his wife, Grace, 52, is positioning herself to succeed him in the event of his death.

Mugabe has run the country since it won independence from Great Britain in 1980. Before that, he led a long and bloody guerrilla war against the country’s white settler regime.

Brooke Gladstone’s voice is probably familiar to many public media listeners. She’s been the co-host and editor of WNYC’s “On the Media” for the past 17 years. After Donald Trump was elected president — something she says she didn’t think was possible —  Gladstone started to question the way she sees the world.

'OPB Politics Now': Election Wrap-Up

Nov 9, 2017

In Oregon, voters said "yes" to money for Portland Community College and "no" to a major structural change in Douglas County government. Washington voters elected a candidate to the Port of Vancouver board, likely spelling the end of the proposed oil terminal there. And a key legislative race in Washington solidified the "blue wall" of Democratic control up and down the west coast.

Sutherland Springs residents and family members gathered in a football stadium Wednesday night to hear words of support from Vice President Mike Pence and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Even though anguish and sorrow hang over the community,” Abbott said, “we will not be overcome by evil. Together we will overcome evil with good.”

WASHINGTON — Texas' two U.S. senators found themselves under intense pressure Thursday after explosive allegations surfaced that a candidate both men have endorsed pursued underage teenage girls decades ago. 

Almost 80 years ago, two paintings were separated. One was traded for a visa to escape Nazi Germany; the other came with its owners, Jakob and Paula Engelberg, as they fled to the United States. Now, an exhibit at the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education commemorates the paintings and the family's story.

Growing up, Stephen Engelberg — the grandson of Jakob and Paula — was familiar with the story of his family’s escape.

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It's just after 2 p.m. on a sunny day in September, and a motley group of people are standing outside Amsterdam's main courthouse. Among them is a worried-looking couple: a young Arab man with dyed hair, a diamond earring and a tight T-shirt, holding the hand of an older white man in a more nondescript outfit.

A Northwest Perspective On the 2017 Election

Nov 9, 2017

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An independence movement may seem to be the perfect trigger for a great song.

It's bound to be energetic and optimistic, and ought to have all sorts of emblems of identity of the people seeking independence.

Take a band called Txarango, from Catalonia. It's pure Catalan rock music in the Catalan language.

Author and Iraq War veteran Matthew Robinson joins us to talk about his first novel, “The Horse Latitudes.” He says he wanted to write a war story where veterans could see themselves in the narrative. Robinson’s novel unfolds through the perspective of various soldiers during a deployment in the Iraq war.

Cleveland Clinic has helped draw businesses, investor money and millennials to that city's medical-technology hub. Mayo Clinic and Rochester leaders see it as a recipe they can bring to Minnesota.

Voters on Tuesday elected two out transgender candidates to the Minneapolis City Council, marking the first such victories for transgender people in a major American city council race.

MPR News Update

Nov 9, 2017

Minnesota news for November 9, 2017

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Twenty-five fifth-graders from Camacho Elementary School in Leander went to an indoor skydiving facility Wednesday to get a lesson in flying. Before students got to fly, though, they had to sit through a lesson on physics. 

It’s been a week since open enrollment began for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and groups in Austin say they are experiencing a surge in sign-ups.

Health care activists were concerned that new policies from the Trump administration – including budget cuts for outreach and navigators – would lead to a drop in enrollment.

Later this week, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown will discuss how the West Coast can push a progressive agenda to curb carbon emissions.

For years, Inslee — who has been called the green governor — has pushed to tax his state’s biggest polluters. But with a Republican-controlled state Senate, the ambitious plan languished.

On Tuesday, Republicans lost their one-vote majority in the Washington state Senate, giving Democrats control of the “great blue wall": full control over the legislatures across the West Coast in Oregon, Washington and California.

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Donald Trump is the first US president in 25 years to go to South Korea on a state visit. In honor of the occasion, South Korea went all out to welcome Trump at Tuesday's state dinner.

During these lavish events, there are certain protocols. Like, don't do anything that is politically insensitive.

For example, don't invite guests whose mere presence highlights a potentially contentious issue. But that's exactly what happened.

Frey wins Minneapolis mayoral race

Nov 8, 2017

Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey emerged Wednesday from a crowded field of contenders as the winner of Tuesday's mayoral election, a contest in which the city's ranked-choice voting system added to the drama.

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MPR News Update

Nov 8, 2017

Minnesota news for November 8, 2017

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Portland’s city council has approved close to $12 million in new one-time spending, because the city has more cash on hand than it projected when the council set the budget for the year.

In years like this when the local economy is growing, the council typically gets a little more money to work with in the fall.

Most of the one-time funding is going to a few big-ticket items.

The council has adopted a policy of investing at least half of its fall surplus dollars in infrastructure and maintenance projects.

In October, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a bold statement in publically positioning his country as the next global leader in combating climate change.

“Taking a driving seat in international cooperation to respond to climate change,” Xi said at the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress last month. “China has become an important participant, contributor, and torch-bearer in the global endeavor for ecological civilization.”

Voters added seven amendments to the Texas Constitution yesterday. Adding amendments is standard operating procedure for the Texas Legislature: The document, which was ratified in 1876, now has almost 500 amendments.

But why?

OPB’s Molly Solomon and Austin Jenkins fill us in on the results of Tuesday’s election in Washington State.

Travel to Cuba by American citizens just got harder with the Trump administration's release of new regulations governing relations with the island nation. While the rules are largely a formalization of what Donald Trump promised earlier this year, they include a long list of entities that are now off-limits to US travelers including an elegant new downtown hotel and favored shops in Old Havana.

After every mass shooting — like the one in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday — the satirical news website The Onion publishes the same article: 'No Way to Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens.

But epidemiologist Gary Slutkin says there is a way. 

Twenty-six people, including an unborn child, were killed Sunday at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs in what is being called the largest mass shooting in Texas history.

St. Paul picks Melvin Carter for mayor

Nov 8, 2017

The ranked-choice voting system made it an interesting night. Melvin Carter was the clear winner in St. Paul. 

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