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Lawmakers are expected to grill representatives of Facebook, Google and Twitter today on Capitol Hill.

A new poll finds that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and the state's two U.S. senators continue to have more supporters than detractors among Oregon voters.

The survey by Morning Consult, an independent polling and consulting firm based in Washington, finds that 50 percent of voters give Brown positive marks while 33 percent rate her negatively.

That's slightly lower than the 53 percent approval rating the Democratic governor received in a similar survey conducted by Morning Consult earlier in the year.

Oregon has three underwater hockey teams, and several of their members also play for the U.S. national team. Jorge Filevitch, the founder of Portland’s team, explains the appeal of this underwater sport.

The spread of OxyContin around the world

Oct 31, 2017
George Frey/Reuters 

Sales of OxyContin are down in the US. 

Now that we're in the midst of an opioid epidemic, doctors aren't prescribing the painkiller — and others like it — as much as they once did.

But something else is happening, too.

The family that owns the company that manufactures OxyContin — the Sackler family — is looking increasingly outward, to other countries, to market their product.

MPR News Daily Update

Oct 31, 2017

Minnesota news for October 31, 2017

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The last time Huston-Tillotson, Austin's only historically black college or university, got new pianos was in the 1970s. The university wanted an upgrade, so it kicked off a campaign this summer to buy new ones. The administration assumed it would take years to raise the money.

Almost immediately, though, an anonymous donor wrote a check for $800,000 to buy 15 new Steinways.

Baylor University English professor Greg Garrett researches and writes about the intersection of religion and popular culture. In his most recent book, Living with the Living Dead: The Wisdom of the Zombie Apocalypse, the Austin author explores the current narrative of the zombie apocalypse and the modern threats it stands for.

If you travel just an hour outside Austin, there’s a place that starkly contrasts with the so-called “Live Music Capital of the World.” East on Highway 71 toward Bastrop, the sounds of Austin fade and all you’re left with are acres of untouched land, as far as the eye can see. If you take a right turn here, a left turn there, you’ll find yourself at the gates of a cemetery.

Joe Skipper/Reuters 

One of the most chilling symbols of the Cold War has to be the black-and-yellow aluminum sign, indicating a nuclear fallout shelter.

The man responsible for the sign, Robert Blakeley, died on Oct. 25, at the age of 95.

The signs — long out of use — can still be found across the country at schools and other buildings designated as public shelters by the government, in the event of a Soviet nuclear strike.

Back in 1961, Blakeley was asked by the US Army Corps of Engineers to come up with a design for the new fallout shelter program.

About This Series: Chemawa Indian School

Oct 30, 2017

This series is the result of almost three years of reporting by OPB reporters Rob Manning and Anthony Schick. After concerned staff members contacted OPB about troubles at the boarding school, Manning and Schick interviewed several dozen former Chemawa employees, students and parents and looked through hundreds of pages of records, including police reports, court records, depositions, academic reviews, financial documents and disciplinary reviews from Chemawa. They filed multiple Freedom of Information Act requests with the Bureau of Indian Education, which oversees Chemawa.

Daniel Hernandez

The historic Ex-Convent of San Guillermo Abad in the town of Totolapan, Mexico, was founded by Augustan monks in 1534.

It was the same time Spanish forces overwhelmed the Aztec empire and established convents and monasteries to spread Christianity. In doing so, missionaries practically eradicated Mesoamerican religious thought.

The building lasted some 483 years, but on Sept. 19 the Baroque stone church was destroyed in the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that shook most of southern Mexico and killed 369 people.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visited Austin for the opening of a new exhibit at the LBJ Presidential Library called Read My Pins: The Madeleine Albright Collection.

Albright stopped by the Texas Standard studio to talk about the collection. 

The Political Junkie on Paul Manafort

Oct 30, 2017

Ken Rudin, host of the Political Junkie podcast, joins Kerri Miller on Mondays to talk about the week's political news.

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World Meteorological Organization

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit a new record in 2016. The concentration of the heat-trapping gas is higher than it’s been in at least 800,000 years, including all of human history.

That's the word from the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization.

The WMO says last year's CO2 spike was 50 percent greater than the average increase over the past decade, which Petteri Taalas, the organization’s secretary-general, says is very bad news.

Here are some of the stories RT says it promoted on Twitter

Oct 30, 2017
Regis Duvignau/Reuters 

Days after being banned from advertising on Twitter, Kremlin-backed media outlet RT has shared details about the content of its advertisements in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election.

From Texas Standard:

A little-known quirk of Texas law allows the state's rent-to-own industry to file criminal charges against Texans who are unable to pay their debts. A new investigation by the Texas Tribune and NerdWallet found that the law, written decades ago by rental lobbyists, has resulted in unexpected legal and financial consequence for many rent-to-own customers in the state.

From Texas Standard

As the official state tree and namesake ingredient in the state pie as well, the pecan occupies a special place in Texas. Although the state is one of the top producers of pecans, the nut’s success in one key international market has been more difficult to crack.

On a sultry summer morning, Central American migrants huddled together in the courtyard of the Hermanos en el Camino migrant shelter in Ixtepec, Oaxaca, discussing the complexities of checkers.

Deschutes County Commissioners voted 2-1 Monday to sell an old landfill to Oregon State University-Cascades for $1. 

OSU-Cascades wants to clean up the former county landfill for its campus expansion. 

The 72-acre landfill has been closed since 1993. The land is valued at $30 million, less than the $43 million it will cost to clean it up. OSU-Cascades plans to pay for remediation and so the county is selling that land to the university for $1.

County Commissioner Tony DeBone voted in favor of the sale. He said it saves the county money in the long run. 

Life And Death At Chemawa Indian School

Oct 30, 2017

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Rob Manning and Tony Schick’s series about problems at Chemawa Indian School starts today on OPB. We’ll air a special extended feature and talk to the two reporters about the series.

Boo: The Rise And Fall Of Texas Ghost Towns

Oct 30, 2017

From Texas Standard:

You’ve seen them as you drive along lonely Texas highways or tucked away in the odd corner of an otherwise urban landscape. They're the bones of once-loved homes, cemeteries overgrown with weeds, even whole towns that time forgot: They're ghost towns.

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Oct 30, 2017

Minnesota news for October 30, 2017

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Life And Death At Chemawa Indian School

Oct 30, 2017

Marshall Friday came to Oregon looking for a better life.

For Melissa Abell, it was to grow up.

Flint Tall came for love.

The three students came from three different states and three different tribes to attend Chemawa Indian School in Salem, Oregon. Now, their three mothers are struggling to understand how their children’s promising futures fell apart — and what role the federally run boarding school played. 

German artist Katharina Fritsch finally got to see her gigantic blue rooster in place at the Walker Art Center Friday.

One of the many things Donald Trump promised during his campaign was that he would boost the country’s coal industry. Soon after he won the presidency, though, it became clear to some experts that the future of coal in the U.S. was dim; that natural gas, wind and solar were pushing it out of the market.

The coal industry found an ally in Trump’s pick to helm the Department of Energy: former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

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Oct 29, 2017

Minnesota News for October 29, 2017

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At a White House meeting earlier this month, President Donald Trump talked up his proposal for a massive tax cut and then looked down the table to Sen. Ron Wyden.

"I'm sure we'll have unanimous support," said Trump as he pointed to the Oregon senator. "Right, Ron?"

Wyden didn't say anything right back, but Trump no doubt knew that the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee would be a tough sell.

The full plan is expected to be unveiled in the House on Wednesday. But just the rough sketches have been enough to turn Wyden into a leading opponent.

MPR News Update

Oct 29, 2017

Minnesota news update and a look ahead for October 29, 2017

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