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Less than two weeks from now, the federal government could shut down unless Congress can pass a spending bill. But the status of undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children has once again become a point of contention.

In Iceland, a new law that works to ensure that men and women get paid equally went into effect this month.

It requires all companies with at least 25 employees to obtain government certification of their equal pay policies. Those that fail to receive this certification will be fined and publicly outed.

A-side B-side is a reoccurring segment on The World as part of a partnership with Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The series compares the sounds and ideas of two songs, albums or artists. On the A-side: a folk or traditional selection; on the B-side: a contemporary selection.

"Stambul Naturil" and "Beatriz" are both folk songs, but they are not one and the same simply because of the genre.


Ha sido reportado por años que niños de razas de color y pertenecientes a familias de bajos recursos tienen el porcentaje de graduación escolar mucho más bajo que estudiantes provenientes de familias acaudaladas.

Y para complicar las cosas hay otro factor: Perder clases puede tener un efecto desproporcionado en estudiantes quienes ya tienen riesgo de no graduarse de la secundaria o de quedarse atrás en sus estudios. Esto de acuerdo a un nuevo análisis que se hizo a 27 estudiantes que OPB está dando seguimiento por cinco años a través del proyecto “Clase del 2025”. 

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The 2018 Washington legislative session kicks off Monday. We get a preview of the important issues to watch from OPB reporter Austin Jenkins.


"In the short term, I don't think it matters," said Ken Rudin to Kerri Miller about Michael Wolff's new behind-the-scenes at the Whitehouse book. You can hear the entire podcast on her "MPR News with Kerri Miller" podcast. 

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MPR News and the Hawthorne Neighborhood Association convened a discussion prompted by a recent Ground Level survey that found more hope among blacks than among whites.


MPR News and the Hawthorne Neighborhood Association convened a discussion prompted by a recent Ground Level survey that found more hope among blacks than among whites.

In 1959, Robert Frank’s book “The Americans” changed the course of photography.

Before it, photos had been used to illustrate newspapers and books, but had never appeared on their own.

“He had the idea to make a book without any text: just photos that speak for themselves,” said Gerhard Steidl, the world’s preeminent publisher of photography books. “His photography is more social reportage of humans and circumstances of people who live in the United States.”

Artists Repertory Theatre has made headlines for a hefty tax debt, an unexpected leadership change and an impending real estate deal that will mean slicing the company's sizable headquarters in half — with ramifications for a dozen smaller arts nonprofits. We sat down with Artist Rep's artistic director, Damáso Rodríguez — who's now taken on the role of interim managing director, after the departure of Sarah Horton from that role — to find out more.

Christopher Marley's Dead Things

Jan 6, 2018

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Titan Manor in North Portland has been Julio Lopez Hernandez’s home for as long as he can remember.

“It’s become part of who I am,” Lopez Hernandez, 18, said.

The St. Johns apartment complex is in his earliest memories — the rosebush and little lawn in the courtyard outside his unit and breathless games of tag with his neighbors.

“This is where I learned how to ride a bike, ride a scooter, ride a skateboard,” Lopez Hernandez said.

Lopez Hernandez is now a freshman at George Fox University and the first person in his family to attend college.

A billionaire who is known throughout the financial world has been held in detention — for two months — by Saudi Arabian authorities. But like the billionaire, the story has disappeared. 

The 'Truce Village' between North and South Korea

Jan 5, 2018

Next week, top officials from both South Korea and North Korea will be going to a village in the demilitarized zone called Panmunjom to discuss the Winter Olympics.

Panmunjom is historic.

It's where the armistice was signed in 1953 that brought fighting in the Korean War to an end.

Now, it’s become a tourist destination — although a dangerous one — known to some as ''the most tense place on the planet.''

It’s one of the only places where soldiers from the North and South stand face-to-face.

Fifteen years ago, researchers picked-up a handful of soil outside the University of Göttingen cafeteria in Germany. They took it to a lab and discovered a new compound — mensacarcin.

But they weren’t sure what to do with it.

One of those researchers, Sandra Loesgen, is now a professor at Oregon State University. She sent a sample of mensacarcin to the National Institute of Cancer for tests.

Washington accuses Pakistan of playing a dangerous double game of accepting billions in US aid while supporting militants who attack US forces in Afghanistan, including the Taliban. 

The dramatic freeze in deliveries of military equipment and security funding comes after President Donald Trump lambasted Pakistan for its alleged support for militant safe havens, including in a furious New Year tweet. 

Each week on The World, we feature a unique selection of musicians, and we compile some of them for you here. 


Mosquitos - The Band!

Mosquitos are back with their first album in 10 years. Singer Juju Stullbach is originally from Brazil, but she and fellow band member Chris Root both call New York City and Oaxaca, Mexico home. The third member of the group, Jon Marshall, found a place in the mountains of North Carolina. Bits of the album were recorded and mixed in all three locations. 

In the Telemundo telenovela "Reina de Corazones," Pablo Azar plays a revenge-seeking son who poses as a valet driver to get even for his mother’s death. 

“The murderer is always the nice guy, the innocent one,” he said in one of the scenes, as he brandishes a gun in an immaculate South Florida living room. But Azar, with a self-described “good guy face” who usually is cast as a heart-throb or good-guy-turned-bad, is now playing a role he’s never been cast for on TV — union organizer.

Minnesota now boasts more than 700 megawatts of solar capacity and could reach a gigawatt by 2019.

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This time of year Moscow's onion domes are supposed to be covered in snow, but so far this winter has been a bust. 

Through Christmas and New Year's there were no flakes at all. That hasn't been great news for Russian landscape photographer Ivan Boiko. "It is indeed very untypical for this time of year and for this geography. It's quite a rare thing, I would say."

It hasn't even been that cold. Temperatures have averaged a relatively balmy 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Boiko's frustrated because he loves shooting winter scenes that show the texture of the snow and cold. 

'OPB Politics Now': A Look Ahead At 2018

Jan 5, 2018

 There are many questions facing Oregonians in 2018.

Who will be Oregon’s next governor? Should any congressional representatives worry about midterm elections? Will Oregon highways get tolls?

We look into the big political stories of 2018 with OPB political reporters Jeff Mapes and Lauren Dake and news director Anna Griffin. Geoff Norcross hosts.

The Week In Oregon Politics for Friday, January 5, 2018

Jan 5, 2018

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Washington Community Preps For A Landslide

Jan 5, 2018

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ig Changes Coming To Artists Rep

Jan 5, 2018

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Sunriver Police Chief Faces Criminal Harassment Charge

Jan 4, 2018

Sunriver Police Chief Marc Mills has been charged with the misdemeanor crime of harassment by Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel.

The charge comes after Hummel reviewed an investigation led by Oregon's Department of Justice. 

According to a release from Hummel's office, Mills allegedly struck Sunriver Police Sgt. Joseph Patnode. Both Mills and Patnode were working at the police station at the time. Patnode maintains his employment with the Sunriver Police Department.

Three Books About Syria And Home

Jan 4, 2018

In front of an audience at Wordstock, Portland's literary festival, OPB's Geoff Norcross interviewed three authors whose recent books are all about Syria.

Bomb cyclone. Weather bomb. Snow bomb.

What’s with all the weapons analogies for the storm dumping snow on the East Coast today? 

The bomb references may seem to have popped up out of nowhere this week, but the word has actually been used to describe powerful, rapidly intensifying winter storms for decades. 

The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the Portland City Council did not violate the U.S. Constitution with a 2015 resolution that banned new fossil fuel terminals.

Venezuela was once Latin America’s richest economy, with the largest proven oil reserves in the world. Now, the oil infrastructure is crumbling and oil production has plummeted, severely limiting the amount of money the government can spend importing food and medicine.

How did Venezuela get here?

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