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A new report shows that two state agencies will soon run out of money to make repairs to the troubled Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS).

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Somali-Americans blend cultures and flavor

Jun 13, 2018

Appetites is a weekly food segment from MPR News.

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Minnesota Public Utilities Commission staff say the controversial pipeline is needed, contrary to what another state agency argued. A decision is expected in about two weeks.

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The Trump administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy on people who enter the United States without permission is having an impact here in the Pacific Northwest. Federal immigration officials have sent some of the people stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border to prisons in Oregon and Washington — including parents separated from their children.

After Oregon regulators failed to alert parents that their children were in imminent danger at a daycare in Southeast Portland, Gov. Kate Brown called on the state’s Early Learning Division to create a more robust vetting process for child care providers coming from a different state.

Oregon child care regulators believed children at Sunnyside Sprouts daycare were being mistreated. So they shut the daycare down last month. But they didn’t reach out directly to the parents to tell them why.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision on asylum seekers is 30 pages long.

Advocates and many judges say that the decision is extraordinary, not only because the attorney general took steps to overrule the court's’ prior rulings, but because the decision that victims of certain kinds of violence can qualify for asylum has been previously reviewed over the course of decades.

Northwest tribal members plan to appeal a decision by a federal judge in Oregon over the destruction of a spiritual site near Mount Hood.

Tribal members say that the government violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act during a construction project a decade ago when it expanded part of Highway 26, destroying burial grounds, a stone altar and own-growth trees.

For many South Koreans, the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un has brought their divided peninsula one step closer to peace. 

Even though the declaration signed by both leaders at the conclusion of their historic meeting in Singapore was high on lofty goals and short on details about how central issues like complete denuclearization would actually be achieved, the most important outcome is that Trump and Kim are no longer threatening mutual annihilation.

Michael Brun delivers a message from Haiti — one summer block party at a time

Jun 12, 2018

Michael Brun held his microphone out toward the crowd at Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Complex as they erupted in cheers and some waved Haitian flags. The venue was packed, the cocktail bar did a roaring trade and the smells of fried pork griot and spiced pickled cabbage, or pikliz, and fried plantains were in the air.

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz, who for months was considered the DFL party favorite for governor, saw his campaign stumble in recent weeks. He's campaigning hard now and taking inspiration from his days coaching football.

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The dreamy retro-rock sound of The Shacks, led by guitarist and songwriter Max Shrager and lead vocalist Shannon Wise, was a great fit at WGBH's Fraser Performance Studio.

In between performing 11 songs, the band reflected on the roots of the band's sound. "There's a certain way we think about our music that allows it to be really intimate, and that's an important part of who we are as a band," Shrager said. "We try to think of our music as an extension of our lives, and maybe that's a cliché, but I think it's something that's actually lost in the world these days."

Oregon Delegation Expands Inquiry Into Chemawa Indian School

Jun 11, 2018

Democrats from Oregon’s congressional delegation are turning up the heat on federal officials responsible for Chemawa Indian School.

Lawmakers sent letters to three federal agencies last week demanding answers about management of the Native American boarding school in Salem.

The downtown Minneapolis arts center was a Masonic temple in a previous life.

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Federal prosecutors will not be allowed to use a key piece of evidence — a 3-D animated model — in the trial of the FBI agent accused of lying about his role in the shooting of LaVoy Finicum.

In the trial that begins next month, prosecutors will attempt to prove that FBI Special Agent Joseph Astarita fired two shots at Finicum two years ago and then lied in an attempt to cover up the gunshots.

Neither shot hit Finicum, but Astarita's role in the incident has become a rallying point for people who are critical of the government's role in the shooting.

Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has no interest in following Ohio’s lead.

In the wake of news Monday that the U.S. Supreme Court had upheld Ohio officials’ policy of aggressively taking “inactive” voters from the state’s voter rolls, Richardson announced he’ll continue taking Oregon in the opposite direction. He’s even got a bill in mind.

Sherry Ott has been all over the world. Borneo, Mongolia, Nepal — she writes about travel for a living.

But Antarctica was different.

It’s “the closest you can get to leaving this planet," Ott says. “This was the first place ever that I had been where clearly people were not in charge.”

UPDATE (5:40 p.m. PT) -- The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office released grand jury transcripts Monday in the case of John Elifritz, a man killed by police at a homeless shelter in Southeast Portland in April.

At 3 a.m. in the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, a crew of four young Palestinian men sang, chanted and drummed in a chorus. The traditional Ramadan musical procession is called musahar. And they're musaharatis, or volunteers tasked with waking Muslim worshippers for their pre-dawn meal and prayer before the day’s fast.

Step into the City Hostel Berlin and you'd be forgiven for not noticing anything strange at all. The budget backpacker hotel near the Brandenburg Gate in former East Berlin has a spacious lobby, a big-screen TV, a pool table and room for hundreds of guests in its no-frills shared bunkbed rooms. Multilingual receptionists hand out rental towels and bartenders take orders for 12 kinds of beer at the hostel's busy bar. 


After over a decade the McCleary case on Washington state education funding has been resolved. We sit down with political reporter Austin Jenkins to discuss what happened.

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Most college students in the US are making plans for the summer. For some of the many Puerto Rican college students who came to the mainland to continue their studies after Hurricane Maria roared through the island last September, this time of the year brings a more complex question — whether to stay or go back home.

Minnesota was among the states with the greatest jumps in suicide rates according to new research out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And farmers are part of the occupational group with the highest suicide rate, which is several times the national average.

Nationally, the 2018 elections mark a surge in the number of veterans running for office -- and that trend is playing out in southern Minnesota where Iraq War veteran Dan Feehan is aiming to fill the U.S. House seat being vacated by Rep. Tim Walz.

Twin Cities archdiocese leaders are crafting a plan expected to lean on budget cuts, money from three schools and the generosity of parish Catholics to pay the uninsured settlement balance. Layoffs are also possible.

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We know the polar bears are suffering, but how is the wine industry bearing the profound effects of climate change? While some regions will suffer the economic impact of a lost livelihood, others will simply switch gears. And some new winegrowing zones may emerge.

For our second course, we weigh in on the devastation wildfires annually exert on wine-grape crops. Is the vintage ruined by wildfire, or does the smoke influence the aroma and flavor of the wine? And if so, does the wine taste delightfully smokey or horribly ashy?

Oregon is nationally known for its strong support of abortion rights. It’s the only state in the country that has not adopted any additional state restrictions.

This weekend, filmmaker Arwen Curry’s labor of love, a documentary on the life of literary legend Ursula K. Le Guin, premieres at the Sheffield Doc/Fest in the U.K. Curry is in talks with several film festivals to screen the work in the U.S. There’s no firm distribution schedule yet for a domestic release.

“We’re working on that now,” Curry said. “I don’t quite know a day to tell you. I know how important she was to the state, and to so many of Oregon’s writers and readers and citizens.”

Since the writer Ursula K. Le Guin died in January, fans have gathered at bookstores, libraries and other hubs to remember her. On Wednesday, June 13 the nonprofit Literary Arts hosts a tribute at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland that fans worldwide can watch via webcast.

Of all the readers and writers inspired by Ursula Le Guin over the years — and there are many — people of color find some very specific touchstones in her work.

Some 123 men from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are being held at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, according to an immigration attorney trying to gain access to the facility to provide legal counsel.

“No one has been able talk to them," said Stephen Manning, an attorney with the Immigrant Law Group in Portland.

Speaking to OPB late Friday, Manning said some of the men have been separated from their children. He's working with a team of attorneys in Oregon that wants to provide legal counsel to the men in detention.