Referendum 74

Same-Sex Marriage
7:10 pm
Sun December 9, 2012

Married At Last

Newlyweds Danielle Yung and Robin Wyss kiss on the Grand Staircase outside City Hall.
Michael Clinard

Wedding bells rang throughout Washington state Sunday as hundreds of same-sex couples said “I do.” December 9 was the first day gay couples could legally marry here, after voters upheld the state’s marriage equality law in the November election.

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Same-Sex Marriage
9:00 am
Fri December 7, 2012

Quiet Scenes As Same-Sex Couples Obtain Marriage Licenses

Anna King Northwest News Network

Originally published on Thu December 6, 2012 5:30 pm

OLYMPIA, Wash. and KENNEWICK, Wash. – In Washington’s capital city, the county auditor was also prepared for a rush of marriage-license applicants. Instead, it felt like business as usual. Just one couple got showed up.

Deborah Dulaney and Diane McGee dressed warmly and brought an umbrella. They figured they’d be waiting out in the rain to get a wedding license on day one.

“Then we just walk right in," Diane says. "It was nice, but I’m kind of disappointed. I wanted to party.”

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Gay Marriage
8:18 am
Thu December 6, 2012

Gay Marriage Now Legal In Washington

Teri Bednarski and Saracristina Garcia, Tacoma
Liz Jones KUOW

Gay and lesbian couples across Washington woke up to a new reality today: Same-sex marriage is now legal in this state. Hundreds of couples lined up in downtown Seattle Wednesday night to be among the first to receive marriage licenses. The honor of “first couple” went to Jane Abbott Lightly and Pete-e Peterson, ages 77 and 85.

“I never thought this day would come, but here it is," said Peterson. After 35 years together, Lightly and Peterson plan to make it an official marriage this Sunday.

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6:33 am
Tue December 4, 2012

After 8 Years, Spokane Pastor Will Perform Marriages, Gay And Straight

Jessica Robinson Northwest News Network

Originally published on Mon December 3, 2012 3:40 pm

Reverend Todd Eklof made a vow in 2004 -- the year 11 states, including Oregon and Kentucky -- passed constitutional amendments against gay marriage. He stopped performing any marriages. But starting Dec. 9 same-sex couples can get married legally in Washington. And that day will also marks a turning point for the Spokane minister. Eklof discussed his vow with Northwest News Network's Jessica Robinson.

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6:30 am
Tue December 4, 2012

Wash. County Holds Lottery For First Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Yuen Lui

Originally published on Mon December 3, 2012 5:00 pm

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The competition among counties to issue the first same-sex marriage license in Washington is heating up. Monday, one county auditor held a lottery to select the first ten couples who will receive their license just after midnight on Thursday.

Thurston County Auditor Kim Wyman -- who is also Secretary of State-elect -- heard Seattle’s King County intended to issue the first license.

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7:26 am
Wed November 28, 2012

What To Call The New Bride And Groom

The Department of Health is facing an unusual quandary now that the terms “bride and groom” no longer apply to everyone who’s getting married.
Flickr/Nule y Nelson

Marriage certificates in Washington state will look a little different next month. Terms like bride and groom will be out. The Department of Health wants to use something more gender-neutral, now that same–sex marriage is legal. The agency is taking suggestions at a public hearing on Wednesday.

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Referendum 74
12:54 pm
Thu November 1, 2012

Ad Against Gay Marriage Only Tells Part Of The Story

Credit Darcyandkat / Flickr

The latest TV ad from same-sex marriage opponents in Washington focuses on school children, warning “schools could teach that boys could marry boys.”

The ad mirrors those that ran in other states when gay marriage came up for a vote, notably when Prop 8 was on California’s 2008 ballot. Campaign strategists on both sides agree the “schools ad" has been a game changer.

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9:00 am
Thu November 1, 2012

Debating R-74: Should Washington State Allow Same-Sex Couples To Marry?

Wedding rings.
Credit Flickr photo/Michael Verhoef (CC BY-NC-ND)

Earlier this year, Washington state Governor Chris Gregoire signed a bill allowing marriage rights for same-sex couples. Opponents gathered enough signatures to force a public referendum, and the law was put on hold. Now, it's up to voters to decide. If Referendum 74 is approved, Washington state will be the first in the country to uphold gay marriage at the ballot box. Should same-sex couples have the same rights to marry as straight couples? Author and civic entrepreneur Eric Liu and Preserve Marriage Washington spokesman Chip White join us.

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Referendum 74
8:26 am
Tue October 16, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage Mailers Raise Some Eyebrows

Same-sex marriage supporters target mailers to seniors about Referendum 74.
(Photo/Liz Jones)

Some senior citizens in Washington recently got a flyer in the mail from same-sex marriage supporters. It says approval of Referendum 74 will preserve domestic partnerships for seniors. Gay marriage opponents call the ad a misleading scare tactic.

The campaign backing same-sex marriage paid for the mailer. It’s targeting seniors because Referendum 74 touches on domestic partnerships between straight couples who are are 62 or older and living together.

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Referendum 74
8:00 am
Mon October 15, 2012

Checking The Facts Behind The Ads On Both Sides Of Wash. Same-Sex Marriage

Ballots go out in Washington and Oregon at the end of the week of October 15. Last minute money is pouring into the ballot fight over same–sex marriage in Washington. Those dollars are buying television ads on both sides of the issue. So what claims are the campaigns making? Olympia Correspondent Austin Jenkins takes a closer look.