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Support KUOW

Annual Support

Over 88 percent of KUOW's applied revenue comes from the generous contributions of individuals, businesses and corporations in our community. You can support KUOW through individual membership, volunteering, business support, and foundation support. Find out more.

Day Sponsorship

Gifts at or above $360 to KUOW allow you the opportunity to create an on–air day sponsorship message. Learn more.

Business Support

Underwriting on KUOW promotes awareness in this region's most desirable demographic — one that richly populated with affluent, educated and discerning consumers, business owners and community leaders. More details available.

Broadcasters Circle

Broadcasters Circle recognizes individuals who take a leadership role in their support of KUOW and its award–winning programming. A single gift of $1,200, or multiple gifts totaling $1,200, made within a KUOW fiscal year (starting July 1 and ending June 30) entitles you to special benefits. Learn more.

Evergreen Membership

An Evergreen Membership is an ongoing monthly contribution to KUOW that is billed or paid in the first week of each month. Evergreen Memberships remain current from year to year, automatically renewing on the anniversary of your pledge. Learn more.

Vehicle Donation

If your vehicle (automobile, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV or aircraft) is no longer of use to you, it can still go a long way toward supporting local public radio as a donation to KUOW. Click for details.

Gift of Securities

Securities are tradable interests with a financial value. They are often represented by a certificate and include shares of stocks, bonds or mutual fund units. A gift of appreciated securities is one of the most effective means of supporting KUOW while receiving income tax advantages. Find out more.

Planned Giving

Deferred gifts guarantee KUOW's public radio services are available for generations to come. Gifts to support KUOW in the future should be planned with careful consideration of your long–term financial objectives, current financial circumstances, age, estate plan and your charitable goals. Learn more.