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How does a person end up in Nickelsville?

Feb 28, 2017
Courtesy of Derek McNeill

Bill Radke speaks with filmmaker Derek McNeill about his new documentary "The Road to Nickelsville." Radke also speaks with Colin McCredie, a man who lived in the Nickelsville homeless camp. There will be a screening of the film Sunday, March 5, at the Northwest Film Forum at 7 p.m

Jennifer Fontaine kisses her daughter Morgan in Methuen, Massachusetts on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014. After Fontaine's standard prenatal screening suggested her fetus might have Edwards syndrome, a doctor suggested a fetal DNA test, which said she was fine.
AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Science writer Bonnie Rochman says she likes as much information as she can get — she finds it empowering. But she knows not everyone feels the same way.

The Record: Monday, Feb 27, Full Show

Feb 27, 2017
KUOW Photo

Should we bring grizzly bears back to the North Cascades? That might depend whether you graze sheep in the North Cascades.

We'll also tell you about the risks and promise of new genetic testing of unborn babies.

And the new all-time high scorer in women's college basketball plays in Seattle. We'll find out what it's like to watch her play up close.

What a new soda tax could mean for Seattle

Feb 27, 2017
FLICKR PHOTO/Mike Mozart(CC BY 2.0)/

Bill Radke speaks with Seattle Times economics columnist Jon Talton about a new proposal to tax soda and other sugary drinks in Seattle.

A sow with two two-year old cubs.
FLICKR PHOTO/Gregory 'Slobirdr' Smith (CC BY-SA 2.0)/

There are fewer than 10 grizzly bears in the North Cascades, according to government estimates. U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the National Parks Service has a plan to bring them back. There are four possible options with choices range from do nothing at all to capturing bears from surrounding areas and placing them here in Washington.

KUOW Photo/Kara McDermott

Residents of Black Diamond, Washington tell KUOW Producer Posey Gruener about their hometown  and what they think of a planned development that will significantly change it.

Mount Rainier looms behind the site of the Oakpointe development in Black Diamond, Washington.
KUOW Photo/Kara McDermott

Bill Radke speaks with Kristen Bryant, member of the development watchdog group Save Black Diamond, about why she continues to fight a near-inevitable development and what she thinks of those in town who criticize her efforts.

The Record: Thursday, Feb 23, Full Show

Feb 23, 2017
studio record
KUOW Photo

Usually when Congress members are home on recess, they have Town Hall meetings with constituents. But some Republicans are skipping them because they've seen their colleagues get yelled at. Washington Congressman Dave Reichert is opting instead for a Facebook Live event. Is that good enough?

Also, Black Diamond is about to get King County's biggest development in a long time. You'll meet a former Black Diamond resident who'd like to retire there, but worries her hometown is being ruined.

And a Seattle filmmaker couldn't stand his liberal bubble anymore. So he drove his Prius to Lynden, Washington to the home of the Trump voter. He'll tell you what happened there.

Official photo

Congressman Dave Reichert (R-8th Dist.) is not holding a Town Hall meeting, unless you count a Facebook Live event he's doing Thursday where he'll answer questions that you can submit online or by email.

Reichert said he's worried a Town Hall could turn into a shouting match, as others have nationwide. And he's concerned about the safety of his staff.

Courtesy of James Allen Smith

Bill Radke speaks with filmmaker James Allen Smith about his latest project to meet Trump supporters. Smith recently drove his Prius from Seattle to Lynden to talk with people who voted for Trump. He is posting those conversation on his YouTube channel

Swedish Hospital's facility on Seattle's First Hill.
Flickr Photo/Matthew Rutledge (CC BY 2.0)

Bill Radke talks to Mike Baker, investigative reporter for The Seattle Times about his investigation into the high volume of surgeries in the neurosurgery department at Swedish's Cherry Hill facility. He documented his findings in a report called "Quality of Care" published in The Seattle Times. 

Kennewick Man is finally laid to rest

Feb 22, 2017

Bill Radke talks with Anna King about the burial of Kennewick Man. Anna King is a reporter for the Northwest News Network. Her series on Kennewick Man's return to Northwest tribes is called "Back To Earth."

The Record: Wednesday, Feb 22, Full Show

Feb 22, 2017
KUOW Photo

Swedish Hospital's CEO has resigned after reports of trouble inside its neurosurgery institute. We'll tell you what happened.

We'll also ask two Seattle faith leaders: What would Jesus do about homelessness?

And major league baseball is trying to make the game go faster. Do you want your day at the ball park to be as short as possible?

Darrel Sutton, after camping in Seattle's Jungle homeless camp for more than a year, moves with help from Union Gospel Mission workers in October 2016.
KUOW photo/Joshua McNichols

Bill Radke speaks with Jeff Lilley, president of the Union Gospel Mission, and Britt Olson, the vicar of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Ballard, about how their faith motivates the work they do with the homeless population in Seattle and how to help the city end the homeless crisis. 

The Record: Tuesday, Feb 21, Full Show

Feb 21, 2017
studio record
KUOW Photo

We'll examine how Trump is doing after one month in office  with former Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott and former Washington Republican Party chair Chris Vance.

Also, Seattle's mayor might sue the Trump administration. You'll hear why and learn about his proposed new soda tax for Seattle.

And Uber and Airbnb make life easier or harder, depending who are you are. We'll look at winners and losers in the so-called sharing economy.