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Caleb Banta-Green is a UW professor and a member of the King County heroin and prescription opiate task force.
KUOW Photo/Isolde Raftery

Bill Radke speaks with Caleb Banta-Green, an opiate addiction expert and a member of the King County Heroin and Prescription Opiate Task Force. Banta-Green wants to see access to medication-assisted treatment for opiate addiction expanded. He says stigma attached to that kind of treatment is a barrier. 

A Banksy piece in Boston. Photo taken in 2010.

It started with a woman named Deja Stwalley, who claimed to be a porn recruiter. 

This recruiter reached out to young women, ages 19 and 20.  

The Record: Thursday, June 9, full show

Jun 9, 2016
KUOW Photo

If someone thinks she's auditioning to be a sex worker but it’s not really an audition, is she giving her legal consent? We'll tell you about a Seattle story that's testing our laws.

Also, if a giant earthquake hits Seattle, and bridges fall and roads are liquefied, how will we get help to people who need it?

And you'll meet someone who helped pull off one of America's greatest Olympic victories against East Germany and against performing enhancing drugs.

Musician David Bazan
Flickr Photo/Amber (CC BY SA 2.0)/

Bill Radke speaks with DJ Marco Collins about Seattle songwriter David Bazan's new album Blanco. Collins says this album is just the latest in Bazan's cycle of reinventing himself as an artist.

Poets Faiza Sultan and Lena Khalaf Tuffaha at the KUOW studio.
KUOW Photo/Amina Al-Sadi

Elizabeth Austen talks to Seattle poet Faiza Sultan and poet and translator Lena Khalaf Tuffaha about how Sultan uses her poetry to bridge cultures.

Wendy Boglioli won bronze in the Women's 100 metres Butterfly and gold in the Women's 4 × 100 metres Freestyle Relay at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.
KUOW Photo/Isolde Raftery

Bill Radke speaks with swimmer Wendy Boglioli about facing off against the East German women's swimming team at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

The massively powerful East German swimmers, who were later found to have been systematically doped by their government, took gold after gold in event after event. The Americans were entirely shut out -- until the last race. 

KUOW Photo/John Ryan

If you're not prepared for the next big earthquake you're not just a procrastinator, you're selfish. That’s according to the prepper you're about to meet. He'll tell you what he means.

Also, Bellevue High School football is banned from the playoffs for four years. Is that fair to the new team members who had nothing to do with rule violations?

And what do you say to getting some Israeli food after the show? If you don't know how to do that in the Seattle-area we’ll tell you. 

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China flag
Flickr Photo/Graig Nagy (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Bill Radke speaks with Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer about the fine line we have to tread in Chinese relations when it comes to the tension between trade and human rights issues. 

Bellevue High School fans cheer during the first half of the team's Class 3A high school football championship game against Eastside Catholic, Friday, Dec. 4, 2015.
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Bill Radke speaks with Dale Echigoshima about the penalties handed down by the KingCo conference against the Bellevue High School football team. Echigoshima's son is a 9th grader at BHS and a member of the football team. Among other things, the team has been banned from playoffs for the next four years under new sanctions. 

Israeli food is more than just challah, especially for one Seattle chef.
Flickr Photo/Rebecca Siegel (CC BY 2.0)/

Bill Radke speaks with Michael Solomonov, the James Beard Award-winning chef of Zahav, about Israeli cuisine. Solomonov tells Radke about the cuisine's roots, where he's tried it in Seattle and how ingredients and traditions in the Pacific Northwest remind him of Israeli cooking.

Bill Radke shows off the emergency kits we have for everyone at KUOW (but that's not enough to last us in a major catastrophe).
KUOW Photo/Kara McDermott

Bill Radke speaks with Tom Martin, founding member of the American Preppers Network, about why he has an emergency supply of food and water. Martin also talks about why people need to be prepared for any natural disaster. 

The Record: Tuesday, June 7, full show

Jun 7, 2016
Sound board studio
KUOW Photo

If you have to promise you won't yell at your colleague, your colleague probably thinks you’re a yeller. We'll dig into some text messages between Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw.

Also, we'll find out what Amazon is doing about fake reviews.

And if you witnessed a racially charged assault at a Starbucks would you do something, say something, or just keep looking at your phone? Two people have a Seattle story to tell you that might change the way you’d react.

Listen to the full show above or check out an individual story: 

Brandie Osborne, a resident of the Jungle, speaks at a KUOW event at Seattle Public Library about the city's plan to partner with the Union Gospel Mission to clear out the Jungle.
Courtesy of Seattle Public Library/Alex Garland

Bill Radke speaks with Jeff Lilley, head of the Union Gospel Mission, about their outreach efforts in the homeless encampment known as the Jungle. UGM is partnering with the city of Seattle to help provide services before the encampment is cleared out. 

Amazon cracks down on fake customer reviews

Jun 7, 2016
Todd Bishop and KUOW's Bill Radke geek out over nausea-free virtual reality in the KUOW studios.
KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

Bill Radke speaks with Geekwire editor Todd Bishop about Amazon suing over fake reviews being posted on the site. The online store is also cracking down on people who pay for fake positive reviews.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray
AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

Bill Radke speaks with Josh Feit about a heated text message exchange between Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw concerning the city's response to the homeless encampment known as the Jungle. Feit is the political editor for Seattle Met magazine and writes the local politics blog, Publicola.