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Bill Radke talks with music critics Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot about the pivotal year of 1991 and how Nirvana's album "Nevermind" made Seattle the musical epicenter of the country. DeRogatis and Kot are co-hosts of Sound Opinions, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on KUOW.

Tents lined up in the Jungle, which extends north and south under Seattle's Interstate 5 corridor.
KUOW Photo/Joshua McNichols

Almost nobody provides outreach and services in the Jungle, the homeless encampment under Interstate 5. Most city-funded outreach workers won't go there because of safety concerns. 

But that's about to change. The city of Seattle is planning what they're calling an intense period of outreach in the Jungle. 

The Record: Tuesday, May 10th, Full Show

May 10, 2016
KUOW Photo

In South Lake Union there are homeless families living in a former hotel now owned by Amazon. It's not the picture of homelessness you're used to.

Washington has its own proposed transgender bathroom bill. Like North Carolina's law, are we headed for lawsuit and musical boycotts? 

And the Galloping Gourmet -- famous in the 60s and 70s -- is out of the celebrity chef game living in Western Washington. He'll tell you why his life and yours are like the journey of a Chinook salmon.

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Marcie Sillman talks with "Book Lust" author Nancy Pearl about "The Color of Lightning" by Paulette Jiles.

Courtesy of New York Times/Evan McGlinn

Bill Radke speaks with Kirk Johnson, Seattle bureau chief at The New York Times, about the families he met while reporting a story on Mary's Place Guest Rooms, a new shelter for homeless families in South Lake Union.

Graham Kerr on his show, 'The Galloping Gourmet.'
Screenshot from YouTube

Bill Radke talks with Graham Kerr about his book "Flash of Silver." Kerr is best known as host of The Galloping Gourmet, a TV cooking show that aired nationally in the late 1960s and early 70s.

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, addressing the Chicago Green Festival in 2010.
Chris Eaves/Wikimedia Commons CC by 2.0

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! on activist power: 

Bernie Sanders did not start a movement; he tapped into a movement.

The Occupy movement, which never really ended, even though people thought that didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Oh, that's not true.

You say the 1 percent today. And the 99 percent. Everyone knows what you mean. They occupied the language. The word “occupy” was the most looked-up for use word of 2011.

(You change the language, you change the world.)

The Record: Monday, May 9th, Full Show

May 9, 2016

You're so good about taking your old computer and cell phone to an e-waste recycling site, except it doesn't always get recycled. We'll show what does happen and what you can do about it. Also what happens to the Bernie Sanders movement if he loses? And you want to help parents keep their babies safe? Send them home from the hospital with a bed in a box.

Rebecca Benson, a public health nurse in King County, holds up a box now being given to parents for their babies to sleep in. Benson, who shared a bed with her own babies, now believes that giving babies their own space to sleep is preferable.
KUOW Photo/Bond Huberman

When infants die in King County, the medical examiner investigates.

One hundred babies were found to have died of SUID – sudden unexpected infant death – between 2009 and 2015, according to data obtained by KUOW.

Housing in the Yesler Terrace area.
KUOW Photo/Dominic Black

Bill Radke speaks with Emily Parkhurst, managing editor of the Puget Sound Business Journal, about why developers like Paul Allen's Vulcan Real Estate are interested in developing Yesler Terrace, Seattle's oldest housing project, and how the Seattle Housing Authority is working to ensure current low-income tenants aren't displaced. The Puget Sound Business Journal recently featured the development.

The Record: Thursday, May 05, Full Show

May 5, 2016

If you backed Donald Trump as the GOP candidate for President, you're probably feeling pretty good today. But if you're a Republican who didn't want Trump to be your party's standard bearer, you've got some thinking to do. We look at how local GOP candidates and members are thinking about their nominee and their future with the party.

And a group of local kids sued the state department of ecology. They said it was taking too long to get carbon emissions reductions and a judge agreed with them. This is the first ruling of its kind in the U.S. We'll meet two of the kids who won that case. 

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Bill Radke talks with Washington Republican Chris Vance, who is running for U.S. Senate, about why he'll be writing in John Kasich instead of voting for his party's likely presidential nominee.

Found photo of an Indiana family.
Flickr Photo/Brent (CC BY NC 2.0)/

Jeannie Yandel talks with author Stephanie Coontz about her updated and revised book, "The Way We Never Were: American Families And The Nostalgia Trap." Coontz teaches history and family studies at Evergreen State College in Olympia.

Aji Piper (top row, middle) Adonis Piper (second row, right) and attorney Andrea Rodgers (top row, right) at King County Superior Court, outside the courtroom where they won their case.
Courtesy of Our Children's Trust

Jeannie Yandel speaks with Aji and Adonis Piper, two of eight youth plaintiffs in the case, Zoe and Stella Foster vs. Washington Department of Ecology, and  their attorney Andrea Rodgers.

The kids took the Department of Ecology to court over inaction on curbing carbon emissions in the state. 

The Record: Wednesday, May 4, full show

May 4, 2016
KUOW control room studio
KUOW Photo/Gil Aegerter

John Kasich and Ted Cruz are out of the Republican presidential campaign. What do Washington state Republicans do now if they don't like Trump? We'll talk to local backers of Kasich and Cruz.

And the Seattle woman who sings the hook to Macklemore's "White Walls" is 28 years old and she has our attention. So what does she want? You'll meet Hollis Wong-Wear.

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