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Inside Europe is a weekly news magazine exploring the topical issues shaping Europe. The program, hosted by Helen Seeney, includes interviews with newsmakers and personalities, background features and cultural reports from correspondents throughout the continent. Produced by Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster.

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  • Many would like to see the EU really lose its cool with Vladimir Putin, just once, especially now it is clear that Russian troops are in Ukraine. But in its own way it is, says DW's Claire Davenport.
  • EU leaders agreed to embark on fresh sanctions for Russia at a special meeting in Brussels on Saturday. But their actual powers will be worked out by the European Commission next week.
  • EU leaders have agreed to prepare tougher sanctions that could be imposed on Russia within days. The concensus emerged after several hours of talks to decide how to respond to the deepening crisis in eastern Ukraine.
  • The European Union appears set to step up sanctions on Russia over the situation in eastern Ukraine. Not only the country's president has warned that Ukraine is "close to the point of no return."
  • EU leaders meeting in Brussels have chosen Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk as the new European Council president. Italy‚Äôs Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini will head the bloc's diplomatic relations.