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Stock markets in the U.S. took a plunge at the open Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling more than 1,000 points in early trading.

This comes after China’s main stock index dropped more than 8 percent today, in what some are dubbing China’s “Black Monday.”

Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson looked at what’s happening, and what individual investors should do, with Jill Schlesinger of CBS News.

The slide in financial markets is increasing – the Dow industrials fell more than 1,000 points, with U.S. and European stocks diving after China’s main index fell 8.5 percent, wiping out the gains made for the entire year.

Some in China are calling today “Black Monday.” Derek Thompson of The Atlantic speaks with Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson about how this compares this to the original “Black Monday” in 1987 and other stock market crashes in history.

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, much of the physical damage the storm caused in the city of New Orleans has been repaired. Neighborhoods and communities have been rebuilt. Schools, hospitals, businesses, and restaurants have re-opened.

But as Laine Kaplan-Levenson of WWNO in New Orleans reports, a deeper, invisible wound brought by the storm remains. Thousands of residents, and especially children, were traumatized by the storm and the displacement and struggle that followed.

Wildfire Smoke Choking Western Cities

Aug 24, 2015

Wildfires burning across the West have sent plumes of smoke into the air that are spreading hundreds of miles away.

It’s so bad in places like Eastern Washington that some air quality experts are saying the region hasn’t been this hazy and unhealthy since Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980.

Lisa Woodard of Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency discusses the air quality with Here & Now’s Robin Young.

How Art Can Develop Your Brain

Aug 24, 2015

Can looking at modern art help you become more creative? Art historian Jonathan Fineberg thinks so.

He says that when we look at works like Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s “Surrounded Islands,” in which 11 islands in Biscayne Bay were surrounded by floating pink fabric, “what they do is they open up your consciousness so that everything around you looks like you never saw it before.”

I knew who my college roommate would be months before either of us even got into school. Kurt and I had known each other for years through speech and debate. We shared obsessions with rapper George Watsky and YouTube comedy duo BriTANicK. We even have complementary types of messiness: he spreads his things, and I pile.

But when I told friends and family about my decision to share a room with Kurt, it was often met with surprise. Wasn’t I afraid that living with someone I knew would damage our relationship? Didn’t I want to expand my horizons?

Edward Lucas is a senior editor at The Economist who has written several real books about Russia. Now, a publishing house in Russia has published two books that he didn’t write under his name. He talks with Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday that he may consider removing pedestrian plazas in Times Square, to deal with an influx of semi-nude women in body paint, seeking tips in exchange for photos with tourists.

The pedestrian islands were installed just six years ago, eliminating driving lanes to create a public hangout space. The plazas are credited with lessening pedestrian injuries and increasing satisfaction from the surrounding business community.

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush took shots at each other, and each defended using the controversial term “anchor babies” when talking about what should be done about children whose parents immigrate to the United States and win birthright citizenship for them.

Hillary Clinton spent the week struggling against a stream of news stories about emails she sent from a private server while she was Secretary of State. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in news of the week in 2016 campaign politics.

Akron Loves Devo

Aug 21, 2015

A life-sized photo of the new wave band Devo was mounted over an abandoned storefront in downtown Akron, Ohio, this past week. The picture was taken in 1978, and features the band dressed in yellow hazmat suits.

This piece of public art is designed to capture the moment the band made the leap from hometown heroes to worldwide fame. From the Here & Now contributors network, David C. Barnett of WCPN brings us the story of Devo’s Rust Belt roots.

As the nation approaches the 10-year anniversary of the destruction from Hurricane Katrina, it’s worth remembering that while New Orleans felt the eye of the storm, Katrina also left 238 people dead in Mississippi, and destroyed 230,000 homes in that state.

How did the Mississippi Gulf Coast recover after such devastation, and what lingering issues still remain? Evelina Burnett of Mississippi Public Broadcasting discusses this with Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd.

Faced with a shortage of primary care doctors, more and more clinics are relying on nurse practitioners to fill the gap. But that creates another gap, in the level of training providers bring to the job.

As Rowan Moore Gerety of Northwest Public Radio reports, residency programs, once reserved for physicians, are popping up for nurse practitioners as well.

Note: The audio of this interview may be disturbing to some listeners.

Jared Fogle, the now-ex-spokesman for the Subway restaurant chain, has agreed to pay $1.4 million in restitution to the 14 underage victims in his child sexual exploitation case, as part of a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

Treating Advanced Cancer In Older Adults

Aug 21, 2015

At a press conference yesterday, former President Jimmy Carter, 90, detailed the treatment plan for the metastatic melanoma that was recently found in his liver and in four small spots on his brain. He will receive radiation and IV immunotherapy treatment for melanoma.

Dr. Holly Holmes, a geriatrician at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, tells Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson about the different options and considerations for cancer treatment in the elderly and how she helps her patients make decisions about treatment.

Signs of a sharp slowdown in China have shaken investors, leading to a global sell-off and a sharp slide for the world markets. A week after Beijing made the surprise move to devalue its currency, new numbers show China’s factory activity fell to a six-year low.

How is the rest of the world reacting? And what else is sending stocks into a tailspin? Here & Now’s Peter O’Dowd speaks to Mike Regan of Bloomberg News.