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The French Open is underway at the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris. And among several American women still in the running, the big talk is about Shelby Rogers of Charleston, South Carolina. The 23-year-old tennis star, who is ranked at number 108 among women players, is now on her way to the quarterfinals after four straight upsets. Here & Now’s Robin Young speaks with James Beck, tennis columnist for The Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina about hometown tennis star Rogers.

Weighing The Costs And Benefits Of TSA Delays

40 minutes ago

After weeks of scrutiny, the Transportation Security Administration took steps to limit delays at the nation’s airports over Memorial Day weekend. And while many holiday travelers were pleasantly surprised by the manageable wait times, staffing and budget problems at the TSA all but guarantee long lines will return.

Last night, the Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, securing a spot in the NBA finals that begin on Thursday. As usual, TV crews and photographers had their lenses trained on every basket in the 96-88 game, but broadcasters also drew on a relatively new piece of technology to help document the action.

Through a partnership with Intel, the NBA has been using 3D video to create 360-degree replays of slam dunks and other show-stopping plays. It’s the NBA version of the red carpet Glam Cam.

When a big dairy or meatpacking company comes into a Midwest city to build a factory, it doesn’t just bring in new jobs and industry. Farmers change what they grow, expand their herds, and buy new land. That can literally change the surrounding landscape.

Luke Runyon of Here & Now contributor Harvest Public Media reports on the expansion of a Leprino’s factory in Northern Colorado.

Around 40,000 Verizon workers will be back at work on Wednesday after ending a nearly seven-week strike.

The Communications Workers of America reached a tentative contract deal with Verizon that provides for 1,300 new call center jobs and 10 percent raises over four years, while making health care plan changes to save money.

Here & Now‘s Robin Young talks with Cardiff Garcia, U.S. editor for FT Alphaville, about what the agreement signals about Verizon’s future.

British author Jojo Moyes’ 2012 romantic novel “Me Before You” sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Now she’s written the screenplay for the film version, which opens in theaters this week.

Here & Now‘s Robin Young talks with Moyes about her book and the movie, which stars British actors Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin in its lead roles.

Watch A Trailer For “Me Before You”


At least 1,000 people died in the Mediterranean Sea in the past week, according to the International Organization for Migration. Many of them were on three different boats that capsized and sank last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. All three were crammed with refugees and migrants trying to make their way from Libya to Italy.

The United Nations’ refugee agency, UNHCR, says that last week was the deadliest week on the Mediterranean Sea since April 2015, when more than 1,300 people died.

At a Tuesday morning news conference, Donald Trump detailed how he distributed the donations he collected in January for veteran aid organizations. Trump spent almost 10 minutes reading organizations he donated to and how much they received, revealing a combined total of $5.6 million.

It remains to be seen how Trump’s likely general election opponent, Hillary Clinton, will use the delay in follow-through on the donations.

The Philadelphia Police Department is hiring. And they’re desperate. Staffing levels in the country’s fourth-largest police department has hit a 22-year-low. In response, the department recently loosened hiring requirements in hopes of filling the gap. Recruits no longer have to earn 60 college credits as a requirement of hiring.

As Bobby Allyn of Here & Now Contributor WHYY reports, the move has its critics, but supporters say it will open the door to many qualified recruits.

The water level at Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the country, is the lowest it’s ever been.

The man-made lake, which straddles the Nevada-Arizona border and provides water to Arizona, California, Nevada and Mexico, is now only about 37 percent full, and the water level is expected to keep dropping over the next month or so.

If the water level at Lake Mead doesn’t rise above a certain threshold again by the end of the year, it would trigger a water shortage declaration that could have major consequences for parts of the West.

What Is The State Of The Airline Industry?

May 30, 2016

As travelers head home this Memorial Day, airline executives are gearing up for an International Air Transport Association meeting in Dublin later this week to look at the state of the industry.

Airlines have benefited from low fuel prices, and last year there were record profits. But there are a lot of concerns right now about long security-lines and terrorism.

Curt Nickisch of Harvard Business Review speaks with Here & Now‘s Meghna Chakrabarti about where the industry is headed.

At the end of 2013, snowy owls started invading the United States in a way scientists had never seen. The influx came due to a huge uptick in lemmings, an owl delicacy, and provided scientists the chance to track and record swaths of new data on the animal.

NPR’s Adam Cole has studied one snowy owl, known as Baltimore, and followed the route the bird took when it migrated back north.

Bernie Sanders meets with voters in California today, as that state and five other states prepare to vote next week.

Bill and Hillary Clinton marched in the Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua, New York where they live. The investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails dominated conversation on the Sunday morning talk shows.

Donald Trump continued to draw crowds, and consternation, from some Republicans. Yesterday he told people gathered on the National Mall that “illegals are taken care of better than our veterans.”

Foxconn And China Turn To Robots

May 30, 2016

Foxconn Technology Group, a supplier to Apple and Samsung, has reportedly replaced tens of thousands of workers with robots in factories in China. A recent report in the South China Morning Post claims that one factory “reduced employee strength from 110,000 to 50,000 thanks to the introduction of robots.”

Meanwhile, Foxconn has denied that the robots it is using will mean job losses over the long run. Here & Now’s Meghna Chakrabarti takes a look at China’s heavy investment into robotics with Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic.

The Future Of Driverless Cars Is Now

May 30, 2016

Just about 34 million people hit the road over the Memorial Day weekend—the most since 2005 and the second-highest total on record. But in the not too distant future we all may be flying to our holiday destinations—in our cars.