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The fastest talkers in the United States are from Oregon, according to a new analysis by the firm Marchex.

In a state-by-state breakdown which studied speech speed, density and patience, the firm found that northern states tended to speak faster, say more words and grow impatient quicker than southern states. However, some, like Florida, stood out as outliers.

Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson speaks with Derek Thompson of The Atlantic for a breakdown.

The fastest talkers by state:

1) Oregon

2) Minnesota

3) Massachusetts

Washington D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie is urging final passage of a crime bill that includes a provision to pay criminals annual, taxpayer-supported stipends of around $9,000. The intention of the stipend is to help ex-offenders make the transition out of prison.

For New Hampshire, Tuesday’s vote is not only a chance to weigh in on the presidential candidates. It’s an opportunity to mark 100 years since the start of the first in the nation presidential primary.

Brady Carlson, from Here & Now contributor New Hampshire Public Radio, reports.

This Year's Super Bowl Ads Play It Safe

Feb 8, 2016

This year’s Super Bowl ads relied heavily on humor, animals and celebrities with very little risk taking. From overprotective fathers to PuppyMonkeyBaby, Here & Now‘s Robin Young takes a look at this year’s offerings with our media analyst John Carroll.

Ads Mentioned In The Segment



10 Things To Know About New Hampshire

Feb 8, 2016

Every four years, national presidential candidates descend upon the Granite State, with the national media in tow. While much of the focus is on the primary race tomorrow, we decided to do a little digging about what sets this state apart from the other 49.

Here are the 10 things you should know about New Hampshire:

Chipotle locations across the country are closed Monday for a few hours, for a company-wide food safety meeting.

The chain has been struggling since October with a string of E. coli outbreaks and norovirus incidents that have sent its sales and stock plummeting. Though there have been no new reports of illnesses since early December, and the CDC last week declared that Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak appears to be over, the company is still working to regain customer confidence.

Campaigns Make Final Push In New Hampshire

Feb 8, 2016

One day ahead of the New Hampshire primary, candidates are making their final stops in the Granite State. Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson talks with New Hampshire Public Radio’s Laura Knoy and political blogger Dean Spiliotes about the latest trends and news in the races.

How The Sharing Economy Works On The Farm

Feb 8, 2016

After land, equipment is typically the biggest expense for farmers. When times are good, they buy new, bigger or fancier tractors. But when times are tough, new investments are almost impossible. Enter the sharing economy.

Amy Mayer from Here & Now contributor Harvest Public Media explains.


U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, from New Hampshire, says she wants to see a woman become president of the United States. But that’s not why she’s supporting Hillary Clinton as the Granite State gets ready to vote in Tuesday’s primary.

“I never hear any men who are supporting Bernie get asked about if they’re supporting him because he’s a man,” Shaheen told Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson. “I’m supporting Hillary because she’s the best candidate in this race. I believe she’s the most qualified, she’s the most experienced.”

Last night Beyoncé performed during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. It seemed to be business as usual: leotard, hair blowing thanks to a wind machine and a squad of dancers backing her up. But was it business as usual?

The lyrics to her new song “Formation,” which was released on Saturday are more racially driven than anything she has ever sung before.


More than four months after Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced a 10-point plan to remedy the drinking water crisis in Flint, the source of the problem remains present. Like many older cities, Flint is full of lead pipes.

As lead poisoning captures the attention of presidential candidates, Gerald Markowitz reminds Here & Now‘s Peter O’Dowd that the problem is anything but new.

Despite regulatory efforts that span decades, lead persists in paint, pipes and many other places.

After decades crafting funk, soul and disco hits with the seminal R&B band Earth, Wind & Fire, Maurice White died in his sleep on Thursday, according to his brother. He was 74.

White revealed he’d been living with Parkinson’s disease in 2000, the same year Earth, Wind & Fire joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ten years later, White was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, along with several of his bandmates.

Earth, Wind & Fire Songs In This Segment

“That’s the Way of the World”

U.S. Economy Adds 151,000 Jobs In January

Feb 5, 2016

The U.S. economy added 151,000 jobs in January, according to today’s Labor Department report.

That is far lower than the job growth seen towards the end of last year but it was enough to bring unemployment down to 4.9 percent, the lowest level since 2008. Wages also increased by 2.5 percent, after recent stagnation.

Here & Now‘s Robin Young discusses the report and its implications with Michael Regan, editor for Bloomberg News.

With the New Hampshire primary four days away, candidates from both parties are making their final pitches to voters.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton landed political punches in a debate last night but also highlighted many areas of agreement.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz of stealing Monday’s Iowa election and the Republican field is winnowing down, with Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum dropping out.

The last GOP debate before Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary takes place tomorrow night – without Carly Fiorina.