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Renewable Energy
10:38 am
Tue May 21, 2013

Wash. Rated First In Renewable Energy, But Will State Meet Its 2020 Renewable Energy Goals?

Flickr Photo/Isaac Viel

  Washington state ranks number one in the nation for our use of renewable energy sources according to an analysis by Slate Magazine. The ranking includes hydroelectric power but the state’s own 2020 renewable energy goals do not. Ross Reynolds speaks with Jessica Finn Coven, the director of Climate Solutions, about whether Washington’s on track to meet our 2020 renewable energy goals.

Internet Fluency
11:33 am
Mon May 20, 2013

Can Washington State Solve The Digital Literacy Divide?

Flickr Photo/espensorvik (CC-BY-NC-ND)

 An estimated 1 in 6 Washingtonians don’t use the Internet. Ross Reynolds speaks with Zach Leverenz of Connect2Compete, which offers free digital literacy training. 

11:27 am
Mon May 20, 2013

Controversial Changes May Be Coming To Zoned Parking In Seattle

Flickr Photo/litlnemo

  The Seattle City Council is considering a change to the city’s parking zone program. Currently, permits are only available to residents who live in certain areas. The changes would allow some employees who work in these areas – and are getting slapped with expensive tickets – to purchase permits as well. But some residents are opposed. 

Ross Reynolds talks with Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, who's backing the change.

Eating Disorders
11:25 am
Mon May 20, 2013

Pro-Eating Disorder Propaganda Proliferates On The Internet

Flickr Photo/David D

  Experts are increasingly concerned about pro-eating disorder content, which is proliferating on the Internet, including Twitter hashtags like #thinspiration and #pro-ana.

KUOW’s Ross Reynolds talks with Dr. Jillian Lampert, senior director at The Emily Program, about the role of the Internet and other factors that contribute to the problem of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating.

Cycle Commuting
11:41 am
Fri May 17, 2013

Bike To Work Day

Flickr Photo/iurikothe

Today is National Bike to Work Day and The Conversation’s Hannah Burn asked people in the neighborhood how they got to work or school today. The Census Bureau reports that in 2011, about half a percent of commuters biked to work in the United States. Seattle seems to trend higher as of the 14 people Burn talked to, 28 percent were cyclists.

Garage Sales
11:36 am
Fri May 17, 2013

Greatest And Weirdest Garage Sale Finds

Flickr Photo/Meghan Dougherty

We’re in the full swing of spring here in Seattle, and with the season come certain rituals like spring cleaning. A lot of the stuff we get rid of ends up at garage sales and yard sales. David Hyde poses the question: What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever found at a garage sale? Listeners and local garage sale enthusiasts weigh in.

Domestic Craft
11:31 am
Fri May 17, 2013

Northwest Origins Of The "New Domesticity"

Emily Matcher's book "Homeward Bound."

In her book, "Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity," Emily Matcher says more and more people are embracing traditional domestic activities like canning, knitting, baking and gardening. The movement has gained a lot of traction in the northwest. Matcher talks with David Hyde about the pros and cons of the “new domesticity.”

11:28 am
Fri May 17, 2013

Olympia Update With Austin Jenkins

Flickr Photo/Harvey Barrison (CC BY-NC-ND)

Washington state’s proposed marijuana rules were released yesterday, and critics are already weighing in. Plus, Republican legislators are pushing for education reform. David Hyde gets all the details from Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins.

Garage Sale
1:45 pm
Thu May 16, 2013

7 Tips For Becoming A Master Garage Sale Shopper

Pacific Galleries auction manager Mike McConnell hangs out with a mountain lion.
KUOW Photo/Jeannie Yandel

Hitting a garage sale or two might sound like a relaxing way to spend a weekend afternoon.

But for Mike McConnell sales of other people’s stuff promised an adrenaline rush akin to gambling. For 15 years, McConnell spent every weekend scouring estate sales, garage sales and yard sales, looking to win big by finding treasures to resell for profit.

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11:43 am
Thu May 16, 2013

Monica Wesolowska Discusses "Holding Silvan"

Monica Wesolowska's book "Holding Silvan."

When Monica Wesolowska’s newborn child wouldn’t stop crying, he was taken in for observation. Soon Wesolowska and her husband had to make a tough decision about their son’s life. She shares her experiences and insight with David Hyde.

11:35 am
Thu May 16, 2013

Should Unpaid Internships Be Banned?

Flickr photo/Edwin and Kelly Tofslie

A lawsuit against Fox Searchlight Pictures has sparked a fierce debate over whether the US should ban all unpaid internships. Eric Glatt is the plaintiff in the case. He interned at Fox for free, but now he says that his unpaid internship was illegal and that every unpaid internship should be banned.

Steve Cohen is also a former unpaid intern, and he disagrees. Cohen says interns cost time and money and paying them misses the point. Glatt and Cohen debate the issue, and David Hyde takes calls from listeners.

11:17 am
Thu May 16, 2013

Is Favoritism Driving Black Unemployment?

Flickr photo/Tax Credits

The job market has been slowly recovering in the United States. But for African-Americans, the unemployment rate remains high at 13 percent — nearly double the national average.

Social scientists say racism continues to be one factor. But now researchers have uncovered another important obstacle to employment:  favoritism. Rutgers Business School professor Nancy Ditomaso talks about it with David Hyde.

12:03 pm
Wed May 15, 2013

Elizabeth Becker Talks Big-Business Of Travel And Tourism

Elizabeth Becker's book "Overbooked."

Tourism is fast becoming the world’s largest global business, producing $6.5 trillion of the world’s economy. Elizabeth Becker is the author of "Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism." In it she looks at how this business impacts countries, the environment and culture. Ross Reynolds chats with Elizabeth Becker.

President Obama
12:03 pm
Wed May 15, 2013

Listener Call In: Is President Obama Doing A Good Job?

Flickr photo/Muhammad Ghafari

The Obama administration is facing tough criticism these days over issues including Benghazi and and the Internal Revenue Service scandal.  What do you think? Is President Obama doing a good job?  Ross Reynolds takes the temperature here in the Puget Sound region. 

1:25 pm
Tue May 14, 2013

Reporting From Syria’s War Zone

The civil war in Syria continues in an apparent stalemate. Ross Reynolds talks with BBC Middle East correspondent Paul Wood about the war and recent allegations of chemical weapon use.