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Ideas is CBC Radio's premier program of contemporary thought, eclectic in form and content. We cover social issues, culture and the arts, the humanities, geopolitics, history, biography, science and technology. Most of our programs are documentaries in which thoughts are gathered and connections made.

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  • Wednesday, April 16, 2014 9:00pm
    Physicist Vandana Shiva has become one of the world's leading environmental thinkers. In a lecture presented at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, she explores how "earth rights" are human rights.
  • Thursday, April 17, 2014 9:00pm
    Is eliminating our exposure to microbes actually bad for us? Microbiologist Dr. Brett Finlay argues that we're entering a golden era in our understanding of microbes, and that new technologies are giving us unprecedented insights into health and disease.
  • Monday, April 14, 2014 9:00pm
    Eleanor Wachtel interviews award-winning Canadian visual artist Stan Douglas.
  • Sunday, April 13, 2014 9:00pm
    William Shakespeare was born 450 years ago this month, into a period when new ideas about the human body, the earth and the universe were threatening the old medieval worldview. Journalist and author Dan Falk examines the science of the Bard of Avon.
  • Wednesday, April 9, 2014 9:00pm
    Twenty years after the first free elections in South Africa, the country still struggles. But across the bitter divides of race and class, there is hope. Philip Coulter tells the story of a massacre, and one woman's act of grace and reconciliation.