Which One Will He Pick? Murray To Declare Police Chief Monday

May 16, 2014

"X" marks the spot on Monday ahead of Mayor Murray's announcement of the next police chief.
Credit KUOW Photo/Joshua McNichols

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is expected to announce his pick for the city’s next police chief.

Who Murray chooses to lead the department faces a tough road ahead. The new chief will be tasked with meeting the Department of Justice’s demands while restoring the community’s faith in the department and appeasing the rank and file.

The final three are Kathleen O'Toole, former police commissioner of Boston, Robert Lehner, police chief in Elk Grove, California, and Frank Milstead, police chief in Mesa, Arizona.

KUOW’s The Record featured these candidates and people familiar with their style. Those interviews are compiled below. 

Kathleen O'Toole
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Robert Lehner
Credit Elk Grove Police Department

Frank Milstead
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